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Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...


Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

PTC needs to see the problems we are having with the new annotation dialog.


I certainly have issues with not having the old editor to make quick entries.

However, the below behavior seems to be an oversight in the code or specification:


Note, in the normal note creation, I can specify the number of places but it requires a "rethink" to have it echo on the screen.

Using an annotation feature and trying to assign decimal places terminates the annotation creation.

This requires a separate edit to add the desired decimal places.


I also find it disturbing that we cannot enter the "[.4]" manually. You -have- to use the ribbon.


Video Link : 5654

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Re: Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

I didn't even know that button was there... Regardless, it doesn't seem to work in drawing mode. We have always just manually added the [.x] but this doesn't work anymore in Creo 3 (even though the documentation says it should). Now, instead of changing the number of decimal places it just shows the extra text.



Becomes this:


I filed a case on this at the beginning of January. I apparently wasn't the first because there was already an existing case and SPR in the system. (Case CS189903 and SPR 2247425.) It's supposed to be fixed in M040 (probably April or May of 2015).

Re: Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

the only way i can get the [.2] to work is by first typing the parameter without the "&"

for example d49[.2], then exit the text editor

now re-edit the "d49[.2]" text and add the &

&d49[.2] shows as 1.12

mmmm that's some good creo workaround

Re: Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

Interesting. Thanks for finding that.

Re: Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

Yes this is very helpful. That should help engineering fix the problem too.

The problem is that the all the text is being parsed as small little cells in Creo 3. I don't know that they could have done a worse job on this. We really need the old editor back instead of only having notepad.

The upper line is what is currently happening to all mixed text formats and the lower is what we use to enter. With the old editor, we could see the symbols and enter the symbols with the editor. Now we have to know the secret handshake for each symbol if we want to use an editor. Absolutely unacceptable!


Re: Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

What you wanted was WYSIWYG editing.

What they made was WYSIOMG!

Re: Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

Re: Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

I just ran into something completely unexpected... [Creo Parametric 3.0 M020]

I was struggling to figure out how to manually change a report parameter in a repeat region. No matter how I selected the text, the new editor wouldn't let me type in the parameter name. A fellow user suggested trying the "Table" "Properties" button and lo and behold the old editor popped up.



Now mind you, I've been using the properties button a bunch to try and get mapkeys working correctly and it NEVER loaded the text editor portion (where text can be typed in) for anything else. Not for notes, table cells, dimensions, nothing. Apparently the repeat region table cells are different.

Why? Did they just forget to change this one piece? Is it possible the new editor can't handle editing repeat region parameters?


Re: Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

I have been working with 3D annotation all day and and the notes are extremely unstable.

Leader notes kept truncating into multiple lines. Moving the right node was moving the entire note, just just stretching it.

There is no way I can put Creo 3 into production. This release is becoming on parr with Creo 1.0 when it comes to anything new in the annotation features, which of course was an experiment (maybe Creo 1.0 F000 was actually more stable!). I cannot even begin to address half the problems I found in one day with customer support.

Re: Creo 3.0 - Annotation Rants...

another way you can get report parameter tables to accept text is to... ( and here comes the workaround)...

double click inside the cell...

now create a random parameter using the pop-up

now once there is a report parameter inside of the cell, you can now select the cell then right click, and magically now it lets you select properties.

sounds like using the format tab and selecting properties might be faster.