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Default layers


Default layers


I am in the process of overhauling our Pro/E configuration
files, drawing option files, templates, and the like.

I am now looking at default layers and wondering if they are worth
implementing. I have always found the layering

scheme in Pro/E to be somewhat convoluted; although, it is useful to
have items such as surfaces, curves, and

datum planes automatically be placed on a default layer.

I am wondering what the thoughts of the group are on default
layers. Should they be implemented or not and,

if so, to what extent? Do they need to begin with numbers and is it
necessary to set the configuration option

create_numbered_layers to yes? Is it better to simply define layers in
object templates and leave it up to the user

to place what they want on each layer?

Are there any useful articles or web sites about this topic?
Finally, does anyone have a layering standard or

approach they would like to share? Thank you.


Gerald Goldsmith

Engineering CAD Systems Specialist x1768

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(800)933-7001 or (239)643-5553 * Fax (239)598-5539 *

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection
will come even more effective action. - Peter F. Drucker


Re: Default layers

I am interested in this too.  I'm trying to create a new layer scheme because I'm frustrated with my companies current layers.  Often times I have to deal with models that look like a pasta salad because of all the unhidden datum layers. I try and hide all layers and parts disappear because some genius thought there should be a components and features layers.  To me these are not very useful layers.  I've worked with John Deere and they had a very easy to use layer scheme.  I really wish I could find a similar default layer scheme that I could replicate at my current company. 

A good layer system should be rule based and might have sub-layers.  For example you may have 01_Datum Planes, then a sub-layer 01__Def_Planes which covers the components default datum planes that way you can unhide the only default datum planes if you want to constrain by the default datum planes.

If you find a good sample or documentation please let me know. 

Re: Default layers

You picked a really old one to respond too.

Doug Schaefer has a good presentation here...

Understanding Layers Presentation

My suggestion is to go simple. Only set up a few basic layers that control the main items, planes, axis, c-sys, points, sketches/curves. I'm sure there are a few more. You can handle 99% of all parts with a very basic set of layers. The other 1%, you can simply add one or 2 (or 10 for those nasty parts), that handle the exceptions.

Steve Williams
Pro/E Version 15/16 (Circa 1995/1996)