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Dimensioning Compound Angles and Curves


Dimensioning Compound Angles and Curves

I've been tasked to create a drawing for a part that has multiple Compound Angles & Curves. In the past for similar parts, X Y Z data was sufficient. But this part has holes all around the perimeter AND they want the hole locations dimensioned. Other than using the 3D Model as the drawing, I have no clue how to create the drawing?

Any suggestions?

Note: I am unable to send a screenshot as this is customer proprietary. Also, all I have access to is an IGES file.







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RE: Dimensioning Compound Angles and Curves

2D offset cross-section in a Full(Unfolded) section option? In one view you will have the path of the cross section defined, and in a independent view you lay out cross-section flat. See attached.

Tim P. Cooper

Dimensioning Compound Angles and Curves

Depending on the needs of the part hole location requirements, you would
need to dimension the x,y,z location of the 'pierce point' of the hole
on the face, and then provide dimensions as needed to find this point,
and make the assumption that the hole axis is normal to the piercing

Thinking of the part the way a Machinist on a Bridgeport Mill would see
it, you may need several aux views, one for each facet face that has a
hole in it showing the location of this hole as seen straight on to some
other features, edges... On really complicated fixtures with compound
features, I would show the location of a gage ball on a stick (common
carr-lane item) to generic hole in the part, and dimension all features
to this.

Too bad you can't show us an example of what the part looks like. Might
be fun to dimension. (BTW, I have a strange idea of 'fun')

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317

RE: Dimensioning Compound Angles and Curves

No matter how one dresses it's all stilljust Drafting! 🐵 How many remember their Descriptive Geometry, hmmmm?

Score one for the Old Dogs.

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