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Embedded Datum to a Standalone Datum

Regular Member

Embedded Datum to a Standalone Datum

In WF3.0 M100 I'm trying to make an embedded datum plane into a
standalone feature. I found the following information in the
Pro/Engineer Help, but it doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have a
technique that will work? TIA.

To Convert an Embedded Datum to a Standalone Datum

1. Click the plus sign (+) adjacent to a feature on the Model Tree
to view the embedded datum references of the feature in the expanded

2. Select an embedded datum of the feature.

3. Press the left-mouse button and drag the embedded datum feature
to the Insert Here prompt on the Model Tree.

4. Release the left-mouse button.

* The datum feature is placed as a standalone feature at the
location where you have released the left-mouse button.

* The Model Tree displays the datum feature as a node parallel to
the main feature.

* Pro/ENGINEER displays the datum feature in the graphics window.

Note: If you drag a datum sub-node outside and below the main feature,
the main feature and all its sub-nodes are selected, dragged, and
located below other feature nodes on the Model Tree.

Mike Bills
Ingersoll Cutting Tool Company
Rockford, IL


Embedded Datum to a Standalone Datum

I've found it finicky, to say the least. First thing that's misleading
in those instructions is you can't drag it after the feature it's
embedded in, at least you shouldn't be able to. The instructions to
drag it to the 'Insert Here Line' would put it after later in the tree,
not earlier. Parent child relationships should prevent that.

That said, I usually try to drag it just prior to the feature it's
embedded in and it frequently just doesn't work. I have found that
activating the window (green check mark button) seems to reset something
and it'll then work. Sometimes it takes more than one 'activation'.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Engineering Manager
Crow Works

Embedded Datum to a Standalone Datum

Doug, Thanks for the info. I had to drag the embedded datum quite a
ways up in the model tree to get it to take, but once it did place, I
could then move it back down in the tree to a more suitable location. I
think this might be a reasonable remedy for me. Thanks again.

I'm still open to other suggestions too.....if out there.


Heat sink analysis

Hello all,

Do any one have How to carry out manul analysis for Heat sink, as i have
existing heat sink and we are changing the components in PCB and i want
to calculate performance of heat sink.


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Embedded Datum to a Standalone Datum

Here's some more info on the matter. The 2 images below are pretty
descriptive. Thanks Jim.

Chamfer dim

I showed a Dx45 dimension and got this instead of the typical (or at
least what I was expecting) arrow that pivots at the point. I can move
it along the witness line, but not make it pivot. Is there a way to
change this?


RE: Chamfer dim

Change the drawing option, chamfer_45deg_leader_style to std_asme_ansi.