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Ethernet Adapter Issue

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Ethernet Adapter Issue

Good morning all,

We are having an issue of late where users are receiving a Warning
Message when starting Pro/E - specifically that their Ethernet Adapter
was not detected (see image). They can pick OK and Pro/E runs fine, but
we're wondering why we are receiving this when we didn't see it
previously (we only see it with laptop users, and only some of the users
get the message).

Any ideas, suggestions, etc... would be greatly appreciated. The users
are running Lenovo W500 laptops, Windows XP OS and are using Pro/E
Wildfire 3.0, Build M130 (we haven't changed builds in quite some time,
but the laptops are part of an upgrade done in the first quarter of this
year). The prior laptops they were using were Lenovo T61P running the
same OS and software versions.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Mike Brattoli

Moen Incorporated

Engineering Systems Administrator

25300 Al Moen Drive

North Olmsted, OH 44070

E-mail: <">>


Ethernet Adapter Issue

We experienced other Pro/ENGINEER problems when the wireless and Ethernet adapters were both connected (2 IP addresses). If this is the case then try disabling the wireless when you are wired and see if the problem goes away.

Patrick Williams | Sr. Applications Engineer | Engineering Systems | Steelcase Inc. | 616.698.4078 | My Site<">\PWILLIA3>


Ethernet Adapter Issue

There are two issues here. Media Sense needs to be disabled and the network adaptor that your using for your license needs to be set to the lowest metric.

See the following for more information
Ptc knowledge base tpi # 113153

Ethernet Adapter Issue


If you have not connect your computer at network you must create and
activate a registry key with this procedure

Go to the registry base


# System

# CurrentControlSet

# Services


# Parameters

Create a new variable :

NAME : DisableDHCPMediaSense

Type : REG_WORD ?boolean

Value : 0, 1 (FALSE, TRUE)
(Define 1)

REBOOT your computer


Thierry ADJI

Ingénieur d'Applications

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