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File naming


File naming


How are you handling file naming of Pro-E parts where the name of the
component has a slash in the part number? This is very common with
military parts. This is obviously considered a special character by the
Operating System and not allowed. When Pro-E generates a Bill of
Material it outputs the invalid part number.

I was thinking of perhaps populating a parameter with the exact part
number, but then how would you get the Pro-E Bill of Material output to
read that parameter when appropriate, and use it instead of the file

EXAMPLE: M850049_11-27W.prt.1 IS REALLY M850049/11-27W


File Naming

Years ago, there were issues with periods/dots in Pro/ENGINEER file
names. (Ijust dated myself)

Is there a current list of ill advised and supported characters in
Pro/ENGINEER file names?


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File Naming

I usually stick to letters, numbers and underscores.

Even if PTC's tools allow other special characters, there's always a
chance that some other tool you buy or build will choke on them.

Here's an example where Pro/E is fine with a piece of data, but the
javascript code within PDMLink choked:

RE: File naming

We put a relation (PART_NO=rel_model_name) in our start part and assembly. When we have to put a slash or other non-usable character in a part number, we remove the relation and put the correct part number in the local parameter called part_no.