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How do you replace an external merge in a part model?


How do you replace an external merge in a part model?

I have an external merge of a Creo part model in my part model tree.

The inserted model has changed and it's part name has correspondingly changed.

I would expect that I could click "Replace" to which a file browser would open up and I could pick the file I wanted to replace this model out with.

Creo doesn't work in this intuitive way. I'm starting to wonder whether this is even possible.

First of all when I right click the "External Merge" I do not see a "Replace" option.

I would logically expect the next place to check would be under "Edit Definition". I choose this and choose "No" when the question is asked "Confirm Reference Model".

In doing this the "Replace" option is not immediately obvious, but if you click on the merged object's name it does reveal the "Replace" option.


When you click on "Replace" it does show the file explorer, but nothing appears available to be replaced. Just to try something I typed in the part number of what I want to use. Great! now the part shows up. Now I should just have to choose OPEN and the model file will be replaced.


Wrong, nothing at all happens???

I don't see any possible way of replacing out a modified part model with a changed name. This is a very simple action with our previous CAD system, and sometimes the entire history tree holds together with the replaced part. The only way I can see getting the newly named part model into the model tree is to delete the old and replace it out. This of course results in complete model tree failures as there is no links to the old model.

Could someone please explain how replacing out a new model with a new model name is possible in Creo?


Re: How do you replace an external merge in a part model?


Replace functionality for external merge is limited for family table components, replace will allow to change the reference model from family table only. If reference model is generic component or an instance of family table, replace will open list of family table components to replace reference model. When selecting replace for a reference model (without family table), message "Ref model that is not instance and have empty Family table can not be redefined" will appear in message area.

Re: How do you replace an external merge in a part model?

Thank you for your answer Mahesh.

I would still consider myself new to Creo but in what you say this appears to be very limiting within the software.

In a software that prides itself in being parametrically driven this results in a pretty steep disconnect.

I have considered the possible use of Family Tables to make the handshake between old and new models and in our situation is not a valid option.

I'll explain our situation, I would have to believe that our need would be a common one.

We componentize models so all the work doesn't have to be done within a single model file, and because the base model gets used in other part model applications. In such we take part models into other part models. They get merged together and radii gets added between the models.

When a change has been made to the base model it's name is changed because the revision needs to be tracked. Most of the changed model should be easily integrated into the file which the parts are merged together. There are times with our previous CAD software that the componentized models fully integrate together. This should be possible.

If Creo is capable of replacing part models from a Family Tree it would seem it should be able to pick up a model that was from the same seed as the original model (Only with minor modifications and a part number that was modified).

Please let me know if there is another way of building models and integrating changed part names.

I've considered doing this in Assembly but to my knowledge you can't insert 2 assembly models and merge them together and put a radii on them.

I have also considered the consequences of replacing out family table members. There are a couple reasons I see this wouldn't work.

1) In my limited experience with family tables you can't replace out sketches without modifying the original model.

2) We sometimes make 10 changes to a specific model, if this was a family table the file size would get very cumbersome.

Re: How do you replace an external merge in a part model?

I'm very sorry.

Apparantly I asked this question several months ago. I noticed this on the right of this post under "More Like this"

Although it is cumbersome it appears it is possible to replace out part models within a part model.

I forgot that I even asked this question.

Re: How do you replace an external merge in a part model?

I think you are referring post

Re: How do you replace an external merge in a part model?

Yes thank you Mahesh.

This does work but this could be greatly simplified.

I would love to see a right click on the External Merge feature that I could browse to the new needed model file and import this.

The confusion with the present method is too great.

In your initial response Mahesh you didn't bring up the other method. This proves to me that this should be simplified as I'm sure many people also aren't aware of how this should be done correctly.