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Locating area of maximum stresses


Locating area of maximum stresses

Dear Sims,

After completing an analysis and while examining the results in a fringe
plot I have some difficulty trying to locate the exact location of the
maximum VM stresses. When I do a "Model Max" I receive a nice indicator of
just where these maximum stresses are but I can never see exactly where
they are because the shaded model covers part of the indicator up. If I try
to show the model in the wireframe mode, it's still difficult to see just
where it is.

I try using capping and cutting surfaces to see where it is, but when I go
to dynamic mode to move to the area where the maximum stress symbol (using
model maximum) is Mecanica will not allow me the option of using "Model
Max". I have tryed isolating the parts (these are usually assemblys) and
this way I can figure out just which part the maximum stresses are in but
it's still difficult to pinpoint just where they are.

Anyone have a nice suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks ahead of time...

Greg Saiter



RE: Locating area of maximum stresses

Dear Greg,

When you use the Model Max quantity, the location appears in the status
window (x,y,z in WCS). Copy this and then create a datum point using the 'by
co-ordinate' icon. You will then have a permanent marker on your model,
somewhat like the cg location in BMX, but it doesn't update.

If you show the Model Max, then create a cutting/capping plane, then the
value stays on the model. Alternatively, show the Model Max and reorientate
the view, then clear all and so a 'View Max' to show on the plot. For
presenting results I don't use either Model Max or View Max, but put an
annotation with an arrow pointing to the peak stress location.

Also in Wildfire 3.0, the dynamic query values are permanent, and don't
disappear when you spin the model.


Rod Giles
Elite Consulting Ltd.
Mechanica Specialists since 1992