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Multi Threaded Roadmap


Multi Threaded Roadmap

What is the PTC roadmap for getting CREO Multi threaded ? The processor
industry has made it clear that the speed wars are basically over, the
answer is multiple cores. I want specifics details about when the user
community in what build and rev can we expect to have this ?

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Multi Threaded Roadmap

I would not expect any quick leaps in this direction from any of the CAD systems anytime soon. It is more complex than compiling code and splitting it into multiple parts and then uniting the results. CAD models are historically built one feature at time with the new feature built on the prior features. How do you process feature 25 without knowing what features 1-24 have built?
There is some work being done in drawing presentation and multi-core processors in the hidden line algorithms since that is a 'static' image and sections can be parceled out to multiple cores. Also, some CAE areas for solving have been multi-threaded.

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli

Re: Multi Threaded Roadmap

So as a follow up to this thread from almost 5 years ago.  I was very pleased to hear at Liveworx tha CREO 4 will support multi cores during Hidden Line Removal.  No other information is out there right now.  However performance testing I was told will be made available soon.

Re: Multi Threaded Roadmap

Hi All,


My questions are:

1. Is anyone using the drawing option that is supposed to improve performance?

2. Are you seeing any improvements?

3. Have you found any downfalls when turning this option on?


The particular detail option for drawing performance in Creo 4.0 is the following:

hlr_multithreading yes


You must also have the option set:

hlr_for_quilts yes


We are not seeing any improvement when we benchmark.  However, we have some problem stepped in quilt models where their drawings have huge performance issue taking 25 minutes to produce a PDF of a small quilted part.  This option reduces the times down to 5 minutes (which is still not that great).