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OT: Recent documents from the web


OT: Recent documents from the web

One of our users recently opened an Excel file that was a link on an Internet web page.
Please note that this web site requires that the user log in (ID & password).

Now, whenever the user goes to his "Recent Documents" list, he is getting a login pop-up for that web site.
And because the user is not interested in that file at that time, he clicks Cancel on the pop-up.
Unfortunately this pop-up repeats 3-4 times, and must be cancelled each time.
It is annoying to say the least.
This is happening while this list is being shown, and before the user can select any document on the list.

Knowing Microsoft, I suspect that this is a unintended "feature" of Windows XP, which needs to access the listed files to get attributes.

Does anyone know how to disable this annoying behavior?

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OT: Recent documents from the web

Wouldn't clearing the Recent Documents cache do the trick?

--Jim Augeri

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