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Rectangular helical sweep feature


Rectangular helical sweep feature

Hello out there,

is there anybody out there who knows how to create a rectangular helical sweep Feature, as in the shown black and white Picture?

Rectangular helical sweep feature.jpg

I tried my best to get a solution, but it is not to be used. The gradient is somehow not constant in the red area to the blue area. The reason is the great difference between the inner radius and the outer radius. If the shape of the required rectangle increases, or edge lengths are the same length (quadrangle). Then the slope becomes more linear.

Rectangular helical sweep feature_I.jpgRectangular helical sweep feature_II.jpg

Is there any help out there?

Thanks Heiko


Re: Rectangular helical sweep feature

How about using the wrapped sketch, like this:


Re: Rectangular helical sweep feature

Paul Sobejko

Thank you for your also interesting solution (wrapped sketch) about my question.

Other views are always interesting.

  • But what I miss however is the possibility to specify the slope.
  • In addition, I find it not good that the Spin Center is no longer in the actual body center. This is beddened by the very long curve.

But again, thanks for your idea.

That's why I did a little Research to get a good solution. And here I need help again to have a solution ready for posterity.

Here I compiled a graph with an offset curve and a pattern. So far so good, .... it works mostly but not constant.

The curve in combination with the graph works very well. The Problem is the sweep Construction element.

Sometimes it works and sometimes not. If you change the profil in the sketcher or the pitch. Then the sweep fails

Could you have a look (or somebody else) on this, maybe you know why and what i did wrong about this Position??

Thanks in advance.


Re: Rectangular helical sweep feature

Hello Heiko Hagedorn

see following video tutorial, maybe it can help:

Blog - Creo Tutorials | 4K Side


Milan Bonka

Re: Rectangular helical sweep feature

Milan Bonka

thanks for your answer, it is also a nice version to get a helical sweep.

But does not solve my Problem, ..... unfortunately.

Your solution (YouTube Video) to get a helical sweep, is similar to the Feature "Helical sweep" under the Sweep Button.

There i get a very strange 3D curve, see in the first posting and with the YouTube solution:


The 3D curve isn't the Problem, this works with my "graph" solution very well. It is only the sweep who makes problems and isn't very stable.

sooooo it means, .... is there still any help out there?

Re: Rectangular helical sweep feature

Your black and white picture is not a helical sweep. It is a series of horizontal segments with a sloped step. This would better be done by creating the sloped step, then a related horizontal segment and then patterning the sloped step and ref-patterning the horizontal segment.

Re: Rectangular helical sweep feature

Unfortunately, I did a quick test and the wrap method will produce a consistent sweep.

Honestly, I'm not surprised that a sweep based on patterning copy-geometry type of features fails inconsistently.  I attribute this to poor numerical-error handling deep in the software.

Your first concern about not being able to specify the pitch can be addressed with some relations.  Note that the sketch to be wrapped is a simple line that starts at origin and ends at coordinates x,y.

So x = (number of wraps)*("perimeter" of the surface being wrapped)

and y = (number of wraps)*(pitch)

You get this perimeter by saving a length analysis.


But I completely see your concern about how the sketch that needs to be wrapped around the surface throws off the spin-center of the model.

It is a very frustrating aspect of modeling and drawing in Creo software, because blanking such "construction" entities has no effect.

Re: Rectangular helical sweep feature

Try changing your accuracy value. It appears to have issues at the rounded corners. If you get it to regenerate try changing the width of the section. I tried values of .001 and 15 for accuracy and width respectively and it allowed the feature to regenerate and showed geometry problems at the radii.

Re: Rectangular helical sweep feature

Glad someone noticed.  Make one revolution using evalgraph, then pattern. Done.

Re: Rectangular helical sweep feature

Antonius Dirriwachter

sorry for the late reply and thank you for your comment.

Could you give me more Information about using the evalgraph?

Maybe could you create a fast creo model?

Regards Heiko

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