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Regenerating Family Table Instances


Re: Regenerating Family Table Instances

Sorry. The little yellow dot bugs me. Maybe an OCD thing. Not sure.

Re: Regenerating Family Table Instances

I'm guessing that it may be related to the fact that the completed geometry for the instances is not stored. Verifying simply ensures that the instance WILL regenerate properly. Instance accelerators might help.

Re: Regenerating Family Table Instances

@Dale_Rosema wrote:

Using Creo 4.0 (no Windchill)


I find that if I have the drawings open for (4) parts: A.drw, B.drw, C.drw, & D.drw and that these for parts are contained as instances in a family table of Generic - ABCD.prt, that when I verify the family table (and I get "Success" on all for instances A, B, C, & D) that when I go to any of the drawings, I need to regenerate the drawing to get rid of the little yellow dot.


If I just verified the family table, why is the model in the drawing wanting to be regenerated? I am not doing this in the proper order in order? Sometime I regenerate the instance and save the drawing is says that the other instances have not been regenerated.


I tested the problem in CR4 M060 (see attached zip file). My is almost empty.


I created ft.prt.1 and 3 drawings. Drawings are saved without display.

When I open drawing I can see green light.


I modified ft.prt ... I added d1 into FT, set values, verified and saved.

When I open drawing I can see green light.


Martin Hanák

Re: Regenerating Family Table Instances

'Morning Dale!


I think there may be a regeneration issue in creo.  I've noticed that even with non family table parts, if I try and do a save, it ALWAYS states that the model hasn't been regenerated.  Sometimes in an assembly, I do it, and it STILL tells me to regenerate it.  If I regen twice, and that still doesn't clear it, I simply proceed with the save.


Granted, our start parts in my new job have an absurd amount of parameters and bunch of relations in them, but I've never seen this behavior before.


Long story short, 2 regens should fix any relations issues.


Re: Regenerating Family Table Instances

I think I found the issue causing the regeneration issue.

First: Thanks to @BenLoosli  & @FrankSSchiavone  for their help and getting me on the right track.


I had a couple of relations in the part file:


/*creates MASS and VOLUME using MASS_PROP_1 feature


Two different solutions worked and I tested both.

-The first was to comment these two relations out by adding "/*" in front of both lines. After doing this, when I verified the family table (FT) the drawings stayed "green" dot status. If I changed the FT (without verifying) and went to the drawings, they were all "yellow" status. Go back to the model and verify the FT and they were all "green" again.

-The second was to move these relations from the "Initial" to "Post Regeneration" tab.




Then after verifying the FT, the drawings remained "green" dot.


Hope this helps someone else too.

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Re: Regenerating Family Table Instances



I am just adding my 2 cents here, but here's an overview of the main components of a PRO/Program:




EXECUTE STATEMENTS (only with assemblies)





As you can see, the POSTRELATIONS are after the Model Tree.



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