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Save from Wildfire to 2001


Save from Wildfire to 2001

Is there a way to save a proe part from Wildfire 2002490 to ProE 2001
datecode 3400?
Basically save it in a format that can be opened and modified in 2001?


Amber B.

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RE: Save from Wildfire to 2001

Hmmm. I don't think so. Once a file is saved in Wildfire, I don't think
its backward compatible.

Re: Save from Wildfire to 2001


I am not sure about Wildfire, but in 2001 you can "Save a Copy..." and
specify "neutral (*.neu)". I have not used this since testing to see the
functionality. I do remember that the part comes in as 1 feature with a
Coordinate System (import feature). I believe that this was the
functionality that gave PTC the pride to say that 2001 was "backwards
compatible". Again, I'm not sure - but I think 2000i2 was able to open
"neutral" files?

Re: Save from Wildfire to 2001

In 2001 that neutral file import is no better than an IGES or STEP
import.  In WF there is additional functionality in that the neutral
file can be tied to the original Pro/E file and 'updated' to reflect any
changes made in WF.  Not truly backwards compatible, but better than the
dumb blob you got before.  Still comes in as just a blob in 2001, but a
smart blob.

Doug Schaefer

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Re: Save from Wildfire to 2001

From what I've seen, the Neutral file and the Wildfire file are not tied together. Instead, the Wildfire user must save a new Neutral file after changes are made. The 'smarts' are actually in Pro/E 2001 which is able to 'detect' the updated version of the Neutral file and alert the user that his Neutral geometry is out of date. This is done through the Associative Topology Bus just like it handles Catia geometry. The user can then choose (or not) to update his Neutral geometry in 2001.

I've only tried this a few times just to see how it worked, but never used it for production work.

Here is a really simple example:
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