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Sheet Metal unbend (eccentric) cone with markups


Re: Sheet Metal unbend (eccentric) cone with markups

Wow! What a pain for such a simple requirement.

I think I have a robust solution:

  • Make the original cone with the controlled surface on the outside (thickness to the inside)
  • Make sure it unbends easily perferably with the fixed geometry at the saddle
  • Create datum planes as needed to control the saddle shape in the flat state

  • Copy the part
  • Reverse the material direction (and thickness, if applicable). The "outside" now becomes the "inside"
  • Unbend
  • Extrude the desired shape (works very well if a rectangular form is desired as a work piece) in reverse (save only the extruded region and remove the rest of the cone)

Now the part Bends Back and Unbends without issue.

Let me know if that makes sense.

Re: Sheet Metal unbend (eccentric) cone with markups

As long as I aligned the default datums between the two part, it all lined up perfectly. If I aligned the datums created in the flat state, things shifted. Funny how that happens! Anyway, see attached Creo 2.0 files to see how this was accomplished:


Re: Sheet Metal unbend (eccentric) cone with markups

Thank you very much for the information and the effort you put into this.

To situate what we are doing:

2 years ago our company decided to 'evolve' from 2D (autoCAD) to 3D.

There were many requirements from our side, so we made a list of things that we think are very important for us to be able to do in 3D. Afterwards we contacted all large players in 3D CAD design, and they all said very quickly that it wasn't a problem to do so with their program.

Then we asked to prove this with a little proof of concept. All of them failed, except for a company (Savaco) that is specialized in Creo, and they showed us a working proof of concept, built in Creo (Pro/E), with the use of EVX.

And so Creo it is...

1,5 years ago we started an advanced training to master Creo (with 2 persons, the other designers get their training after we built up the vessel designer). We finished the complete training, but then due to some internal issues, the training was put on hold.

Now, 1 year after the original training, we are again working with Creo. To refresh our knowledge we started to go through the tutorials again, and we tried to create some basic models we use. And then we tried these saddles.

Many of our vessels use these saddles, so it is interesting to make them very adaptable with parameters and relations. The idea is to draw this once, and afterwards we only need to regenerate the drawings to build the saddle.

So, to make a long story short: It was difficult to start over again after 1 year of not drawing at all, and we never used Creo or Pro/E before. Thanks to many ideas and hints we gathered on the internet, and with your help of course, we now have a fully working model that van be used for almost all our vessels, just by adjusting a few parameters.

Re: Sheet Metal unbend (eccentric) cone with markups

Your company's situation is certainly not unique. The demand on the cad platform is indeed more than one would first glean from what would seem simple. Having gone through the exercise, I certainly understand.

That EVX is an interesting module.

I am glad you are up and running and am happy to be of some help in the process.