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Sheet metal family table parts


Sheet metal family table parts

We have a bunch of similar sheet metal parts and I want to make a family table of these parts. I can get all the parts in just fine, but now I need flat patterns and ProE isn't letting me create more than one flat pattern. Is there a way to do this or some way to trick ProE and create flat patterns of each sheet metal instance? Thanks

RE: Sheet metal family table parts

I've found that using Edit>Setup>Flat State you can only get the single instance. To get a flat of each instance I've had to manually create them. Copy the entire row of [part_a] to a second row [part_a_flat], and change the unbend to Yes in the table. If you have a large number of instances I'd recommend editing the table in Excel.

Just FYI something I learned thru trial & error. I created the generic, set the flat state, and then finally added all the instances to my table. I had a problem with some of the parts. To model certain features I had to use an Unbend and Bendback. Once the parts got past a certain size (I believe approx. 24"x42") the Bendback was not returning to a true 90. I never did get an answer as to why this was happening, but I believe I solved the issue by not setting the flat state until all instances were created, then just copying the table, adding "_FLAT" to the name, and a Flat Pattern feature for use in the table.

Rodney Decker

WF3 M140


Sheet metal family table parts

You only need one flat pattern feature - just resume it as needed in the
family table.

The family table for one of my generics is shown in the attached pic. Notice
how the flat pattern column resumes the same feature for different parts


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Sheet metal family table parts

Thank you for all the replies. I found something that works for now. I have
a top level part and flat instance, then I created the other part instances,
then I added flats of each part instance manually in the family table. Kind
of the long way of doing things but it works for what I'm doing. Thanks

John Neilson

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Sheet metal family table parts

I came a bit late to this thread and then hurriedly replied directly to
John, and not very clearly at that, so I thought I'd try again with a
couple of pictures.

You can make a nested family table with many parts, and with each part
having a flat state instance, but you must make one edit to fix a bug.

The problem, at least for me, is that when I open an instance from the
family table and create a flat state instance, the unbend feature column
is added to both the top level table and the instance table. It must
only appear in the instance table. See the attached FLAT-DEMO .jpg -
the UNBEND column here must be deleted. Once this is done the other
instances can be opened and their flat state instances can be created,
with each instance family table having the unbend column, as in the
attached FLAT-DEMO_INST1 .jpg.

I'll open a call with PTC later - I've been putting it off and working
around it each time for quite a while, but it is worth a try.

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Sheet metal family table parts

I've been able to easily create multiple flat instances without going to the 'nested' solution. You will need a separate flat instance for each bent instance, but otherwise these can all be done relatively easily. I have not seen the issue that James mentions. I think the trick is to create the flat state in the generic, and then just apply the flat feature to each of the flat instances.

The flat state should be created using Edit>Setup>Flat State, but before that you should also do Edit>Setup>Fixed Geom just for good modeling practice. This will also keep all your unbends / bendbacks going the same direction.



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