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Symetrically placing datum features between features


Symetrically placing datum features between features

I would like to know how to place a datum plan or axis symetrically between two features. For instance, I would like to place a datum plane between two cylindrical features. The plane that I'm trying to create would be normal to the plan that is created by selecting the two axis and placed equal distance from each of the axis.

Creo Elements/pro 5.0 M080

Thanks in advance


Symetrically placing datum features between features

I know one easy way to do it if you set-up your model a certain way...

You can drive your spacing between the axis as a parameter driven dimension (create real number parameter named "axis_spacing"). Then once you have the axis' driven by the spacing parameter you can add a plane the is offset from one of the axis positions. Once the plane is there just edit the distance and type in axis_spacing/2. This should lock out the dimension so that is driven by that calculated distance.

Hope this helps... let me know if there are any questions.

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EXT :Symetrically placing datum features between features

One way to accomplish this, that I have done, is this.

I start to create the axis, and when it asks for references, I then start creating a 2 successive datum planes on the fly (within the axis command). These two datum planes will intersect each other creating a center point, that will update as the model changes without a relationship. This of course will depend on your specific geometry, and might not lend itself to all cases.

In my example I selected opposite edges of a rectangle extrusion for each datum plane (DTM1 & DTM2) to create an intersection that is centered along the extrusion path. Axis A_1 is automatically placed at the intersection as I was in the command already. Note I resized the datum planes (DTM1 & DTM2) to the feature for clarity.

Please contact me if you would like more information.

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Symetrically placing datum features between features

Place a datum curve between the boss centers (curve through points),
then a point midway (0.5). The point can be used to locate a parallel or
normal plane.... Hide or layer the construction geometry after
optionally grouping them...

Symmetry while sketching can be accomplished using a construction line
because it has a midpoint- run a centerline through it.... Construction
circles and lines for symmetry are very robust! (Even though they look
the same, a construction line is not a centerline.)


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