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modifing UNF.hol file - help!!


modifing UNF.hol file - help!!

Hello all

When I place a threaded hole with a counter bore or countersink on a part, using the hole tool. Pro-e will give me the thread, drill and depths in the notes, but not the countersink or counter bores info.
even though I describe them with the hole tool.
They do show up on the part.

So I am modifying the call out format in the .hol file.
below is what I placed in the file.

/<ctrl-a>n<ctrl-b>&Csink_diameter X &Csink_angle<ctrl-a>w<ctrl-b>
/<ctrl-a>n<ctrl-b>&Cbore_diameter X &Cbore_depth<ctrl-a>v<ctrl-b>

What I get is:

1/4-20 unf-2b
drill .200 (depth sign)
(dia sign) .300 x 82 deg. (counter sink sign)
(dia sign) .400 x .100 (counterbore sign)

I get both the countersink and counter bore.

How can I get either the counter bore or the counter sink sign
based on what I select in the pro-e hole tool.

It seems to me that pro use to do this before wildfire 3
but I am not sure.

Does any one have a .hol file that works well with the hole tool in pro??

Fred J. Matthis


modifying UNF.hol file - help!!

Fred, the sound of crickets you hear is because I don't think it can be
done as is.

I believe that you will have to have a standard note called out with
both c'bore and c'sink and then use the 'properties' at the part level
to edit the note and eliminate the unwanted info.

Interesting note. I checked out my 'standard' unc.hol file in the
<loadpoint>/text/hole/ directory and the note format field is blank.

When I put a UNC or UNF hole on a part I get the following format:



Now the 'METRIC_SIZE' and other fields don't show up (probably because
the value is <null>)

What would creo-elements/pro be without workarounds...

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317

RE: modifing UNF.hol file - help!!

I want to thank everyone for their input.

It appears that once again PTC has started something, completed only 80% and stopped.

OH well!

I have decided to create a "callout format" that generates everything

and then modify and delete as needed in the hole note.

Thanks again

Fred Matthis


RE: modifing UNF.hol file - help!!

Someone on Planet PTC posted how to edit the hole file to get what you want.

Here is my .hol file to use as a template.

RE: modifing UNF.hol file - SOLVED

Thanks to Martin and whoever started this file that Martin attached.

Attached is a .hol file that works in wildfire 5

I took Martins file and cleaned it up.

I used notepad to edit the file.

I do not use patterns on my holes so I removed the pattern link, it can be easily added if needed.

These files will out put the hole, threads, counters, exit countersinks and counter bores depending on what

you select in the hole tool.

Why PTC didn't do this is beyond me. Once I saw what the ascii characters were it wasn't to hard.

Thanks again to all that assisted.

Fred Matthis