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only ASM's

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only ASM's

If you do sheet metal parts, you frequently run into a situation where a
part suddenly became an assy due to added PEM fasteners. If you start
as an assy, you can add what you want without hosing your drawing.

I don't think there's going to be a Pro|E way to accomplish this. Maybe
a company policy that the one who creates such a drawing must fix it on
his own time when it needs to be turned into an assy later. :-D

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Engineering Manager
Crow Works

only ASM's

It might be easier to create a separate part number for the assembly
with the PEM fasteners. Then it doesn't matter how the piece part
drawing starts.

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only ASM's

I've never done sheet metal parts, so I'm not sure what the PEM fasteners are.
- YES Doug that is precisely the reason!
Starting with the ASM file keeps the drawing from getting hosed.
The ASM view automatically updates showing the modification and then the dimensioned views of the new component are added as another sheet.
All else is unchanged.
I know there are ways to rework it after the fact but it's just a lot, lot easier if it's already an ASM file.

Tracy Willis
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only ASM's

I agree with Doug here. Especially if you have group that creates
manufacturing instructions on top of that. Then they too have to replace
the .prt with the .asm in there assemblies. It happened to us in the
past quite often, and it is a painful waste of time.

Now we create .asm by default for pretty much everything except

only ASM's

First of all why would you ever do that? Smiley Happy
Because if you do a lot of work with sheet metal, it's a given that in the future you're going to need to add some press in fasteners to the part. You don't want to have to redo a drawing just because you put in a few inseparable components.

I thought it was crazy the first time I heard about it, but it's a very valid way of working.

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only ASM's

I have been designing sheet metal parts for many years and I still think the way to handle this is to have a detail drawing of the part and then if there is a design change and it becomes an assembly, like a PEM in an inseparable assembly, than create an assembly drawing showing the parts and any assembly instructions or specifications required and give this drawing its own drawing and/or part number. This will however create some additional modeling work to insert the assembly instead of the part, but I think this is more appropriate than creating all assemblies just for the cases when it is needed.

Sorry this doesn't answer the question andgood luck finding a solution to your desired methods of documentation.

Sr Design Engineer
Igloo Products Corp

only ASM's

I've used what I call "buffer" assemblies for years...and no issues. I
had someone say that its "dead weight". I'd prefer to think of it as a
life preserver.

I think those who are against it, just see it as being out of the
ordinary. But it is logical, as are skeletons and other bags of tricks.

only ASM's

Just as a note, the Sheet Metal TC has been addressing this issue for years. PTC has yet to come up with a solution, but we have covered this subject extensively. We would like to see a solution where you can either add pems and such to a sheet metal part or have the conversion from part to assembly be transparent to a user.

Ron Grabau

only ASM's

And it's not only sheet metal parts, although they're more likely to have
other components added later. It could be a piece of piping where you want
the supplier to add a plug, or a part that requires an added label.

We came across this issue many years ago, and decided that the "assembly
only" method made a lot of sense - especially when we were told that to set
up a new part number in the ERP system cost around $1000, and of course BOMs
would have to be revised to call up the new number. By always modeling parts
as assemblies, BOMs don't need to change, and new part numbers are avoided.

The way we did it was to name the assembly by the part number, and the part
would be the part number with the suffix -01.

David Tate

Keystroke Designs,

Kelowna, BC, Canada

RE: only ASM's


I too have been advocating of this and I've used the same technique for years, I haven't found any downside to this approach so far.

"a solution where you can either add PEM's and such to a sheet metal part or have the conversion from part to assembly be transparent to a user."

This would be great but I can see how it would be very difficult for any software to accomplish this.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the way to go. "create sheet-metal assemblies" even though in the current design there are no assembly components other than the base sheet-metal part. At least the option to add them is there and you won't have to redo your drawing's or try to replace a sheet-metal part with a sheet-metal assembly when you later need to add "PEM's" or other press in hardware to a sheet-metal part.

Dave McClinton

MCAD Sys. Admin.

McKesson Automation

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