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sheetmetal - update

Topaz II

sheetmetal - update

Since sheet metal walls attach to edges and creating a wall removes the
original edge and creates a new one, you really cannot pattern them as
the primary reference is eliminated. Creating a single wall all the way
around and creating a cut that you then pattern is the way to go.

However - you still won't be able to flatten it due to the curved bend
line. The sheet metal module was made to simulate press brake kind of
features and doesn't do well with complex metal forming.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

sheetmetal - update

If the manufacturing process were to the following steps, it would work, but the software isn't powerful enough to do it in these steps.

1) Cut the flat plate and tab ears on each side

2) Bend the tab ears up

3) Roll the cylinder, may get distortion at the tab ears

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli

sheetmetal - update

I got a tip to try to model the cyl as a polygon and put one tab on each
(straight) segment of the polygon. This would more accurately match what
happens in the shop in fabrication. But, modeling that is a bit more
complex for sure, a basic exercise in relations and polar geometry.

This is (supposed to be) a quick and dirty one shot deal to do some testing
on the floor. This is not a released part for mfg. Isn't it always the
case ? The seemingly simple turns into a complex nightmare.

No - I take it back; I am not whining. Things have been much worse. This
would actually be fun were it not for those confounded deadlines.

Thanks for your help, guys!



sheetmetal - update

Typical pro/e workaround.. you have modeled the round part, you could
determine what the flat length is off of that, then model the whole
thing in the flat. In the end it's a one off and you just need a flat

Unbending those curved bends would involve deform features (I have
little experience here) and would take a long time for little return. I
say fake it and just model it flat.