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tapped hole parameters


tapped hole parameters

How do I add to the parameters that Creo 2 assigns to a tapped hole?

I want to add screw_size or ( feature_id from the *.hol file)

then I can add screw size or feature_id to the tree column so I know what size the feature is. Creo now calls all tapped holes (hole in the model tree)

I want this added automaticly, the same way some of these are added now






Re: tapped hole parameters

You can add parameters to the feature. You can add relations referencing the feature parameters. You can format notes using relations.

Holes are holes... and you can rename the feature type (with limitations) in the tree.

...but automatic? Sorry, this is PTC were talking about.

I am no expert on the .hol files and really don't like messing with them.

Re: tapped hole parameters

Pro/E offers many different ways to customize the model tree. There is a plethora of information that you can add, so this might fit your need. Crane Aerospace and Electronics has a PDF of a presentation of how to customize the model tree, which can be found via a google search.

I'm not sure if you can include hole information, but it's worth looking into.

Re: tapped hole parameters

the *.hole files have the parameters I am looking to use. Not all of these parameters are listed in a tapped hole.

when you left click on a tapped hole in the model tree and right click parameterss one can see the parameters list for the feature. I am trying to figure out how to add another parameter to this list via paramters listed in the *.hole file.

I want the screw_size or the fastener_id parameter from the hole file so I can add a column to my tree to read this.

then in the tree I would see the 1/4-20 parameter if it was a 1/4-20 tapped hole.

I am trying to get away from labeling the holes in the tree.

Re: tapped hole parameters

I was able to get this to work on my system. I went into the model tree columns display options dialog box. In the type drop down box I selected Feat Params. In the name edit box I typed SCREW_SIZE and clicked on the >> button to add it as a column. For any tapped hole I add it shows what size screw it is for.

Of course, this probably depends on how your .hol file is set up and what you call the parameters for the hole features. Is this what you wanted to achieve?

Re: tapped hole parameters

I have tried this, I get no results in the tree. I have an unaltered *.hol file

YES what you are doing is what I am trying to do.

Re: tapped hole parameters

That worked for me, Kyle. I too use default hole charts.

Something magic happens between the hole parameters and the hole note. It has something to do with the default thread note format (callout_format). I tried using FASTENER_ID and it failed. Does anyone know where to find the following relations and how they are derived?












Re: tapped hole parameters

Is it making the column and just not populating it? Not to sound patronizing, but have you dragged the tree out far enought to the right to view the newly added columns?

Edit: I'm running Pro/E 5.0 M120

Re: tapped hole parameters

very GOOD POINT, I can move the shade all the way across, no results

the items I can get in the tree are the parameters listed in a tapped hole when you query the parameters of the hole.

Antonius has shown an example

I am on wild fire 4.0 and Creo 2.0 M30

Re: tapped hole parameters

Lonny, that is what I am finding too. The parameters for the "note" are different from the parameters in the hole "feature"... and are different form the fields in the ".hol" file. Really confusing.

I know we have discussed this before when it came to formatting the holes on drawings. It is still very convoluted in my mind.