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Drawing in Creo Schematics


Drawing in Creo Schematics

I am new to Creo Schematics. I went through the LMS tutorials and got 94% on the assessment.

Now, I'm trying to generate my first live schematic. I have the library of IEEE symbols from Virtual Interconnect. Many interesting components, unfortunately, I need to do diagrams for wiring harnesses and 90% of what's in that library doesn't work for me.

So, I want to draw my own circuit symbols. We won't be using wiring diagrams as such.

My first attempt was to make a symbol for a double fuse holder as a group so I could place the two sections anywhere. TO do this, I need to place two arcs to make the fuse shape.

Neither of the two arc selections in the geometry tab seem to work. I get an error "Operation only valid in EDIT mode" when I try to draw. I can draw lines and boxes all day without errors.

Does anyone have a link to a true tutorial on how to draw in Creo Schematics? THe on-line tutorials are sorely lacking in details of how to do things from scratch. Making sheet templates with a company logo should be easy - once you are shown the secret.

Also - I have looked and looked for a book - actual paper pages in a binding - on Creo Schematics. I have found a few on Creo 2.0, concerning 3D model creation, but nothing for Schematics. Any suggestions? In particular, I want something that explains which parameters are critical in Schematic to link with Creo 2.0 cabling.

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Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

*.she file are design database files and should never be moved, deleted or accessed via windows explorer

I am assuming the design you can access the library in is called IEEE_315_1975 V1_1_2.

You have two options

Option one is submit the catalog to a central location and then point all new designs to the central location. For now i do NOT recommend you do this until you have completely setup your template design.

  1. Option two and the one i recommend for now is to
  2. Open design IEEE_315_1975 V1_1_2
  3. Click file export Design properties - this will export your design properties and all the catalog to an itermediate file
  4. Open your new design
  5. Click file import Design properties
  6. Choose the exported file from step 3
  7. Follow the prompts

Your catalog should now be available in your new design

Let me know if that does not work, thanks, Jim

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Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

Hello Chuck.

I know nothing about Creo Schematic but I can welcome you to the forum...

Welcome to the forum!

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

Thanks, Antonius. I hope someone has the answers I need - time's a wastin!

While I'm asking for help, regarding that Virtual Interconnect library. I opened my current design via "Create New Design", and it did not link to the Virtual Interconnect library - it gave me a blank workspace. I can't figure out how to include that library in this workspace. If I could get into it, I could recover some fiber definitions I did while I was learning, and perhaps find symbols that i could use. Unless I open a new project with "Autogenerate new Design", I can't see the original library selection.

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

Chuck; since I am assuming you are a maintenance customer with a relatively new software purchase, you also have access to technical support. If you have not yet signed up for your support features, please take the time to do so. We often have challenges between the forum and customer support to see who can answer first and who is actually right.

There are no dumb questions as to getting PTC support. Just log the case and they will get back to you. That is why we pay the big bucks

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

Welcome Chuck, I use schematic for piping (P & ID) application. However you also find many person for eletrical application in this forum. I guess you need to proceed for creation of block there only the geometry tool will work. Apart from tutorial if you ask any specific question, I guess I can help you with my limited knowledge in RSD.

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

Hello Chuck,

Regarding your first issue (drawing arc)

  • If you didn't done it yet, i recommend you to practice Creo Schematics tutorial (in Get started tab->Training->Tutorial)
  • Creo Schematics include very helpful help center, just search for arc and the first topic will be 'To Create Arcs'. when you need help on some issue - I recommend you to start in the Help Center, there is high probability you will find answer/example there. (File menu->Help->Help Center)
  • In general - all edit line tools require to be in edit line mode which can be done by :
    - during draw of line :Click Line and select a line tool->Click a start point on the sheet -> use the edit line tools
    - double left-click on the line will enter into edit line mode -> use the edit line tools

Regarding the 2nd issue (Virtual Interconnect library):

  • since i don't know how this library is provided, you need to do one of the following :
    - use the template (*.rsd file) provided by Virtual Interconnect while creating new design
    - link your design to central catalog (if exist) provided by Virtual Interconnect
  • in the help center, review the topics :
    - 'To Create a New Design'
    - 'About Central Catalogs'



Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

Hi, Gaby,

I've gone through the tutorials - they show how to recreate things that already exist, but no details on how to make them from scratch. I got 94% on the online training, but again, little information on the details of how things work.

For instance - 'edit mode' - how do I get into it? I could not draw an arc, as I related before, but lines are easy.

Yesterday, I was poking around in the admin tab, trying to find how to access the purchased library. I must have done something, because now I can see the blocks I drew in the catalog explorer, but when I try to edit them I get the error 'Cannot edit shape for central catalog item'. How do I re-enable editing?

I can use the template from the library - but it brings up a sheet with the Virtual Connect logo, and I can't figure out how to edit that. We have Pro/E and a full set of templates with our company logo - but how do I access them?

So many small details that aren't in the tutorials, but should be in a reference book. I have good reference books for Autocad and my PADS and Altium PCB layout software, but nothing is available from PTC.

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics


On page 42 of the tutorial that is available from the get started tab 29-04-2014 16-11-47.jpgthere is all the steps on how to create a new port shape from scratch.

From page 47 a block from scratch - on page 49 step 28 it will tell you how to edit a line.

From Page 51 a variable group from scratch.

After completing these exercises you should have all the basic information on how to create to catalog items, so I am afraid I do not understand you comment about how to recreate everything that already exists and no details on how to make them from scratch.

Re the central catalog have you read the help topic Working with Central Catalog. In this topic it states After an item has been incorporated into the Central Catalog it is locked automatically and only an editor can edit it. The administrator sets a password for the design that the editor uses to unlock for editing. So what this is saying is the design needs to have a password, which will allow you to unlock the catalog and make changes.

On page 32 of the tutorial there is step by step instructions on how to create a drawing template and how to import existing design sheet templates / logos.

I have also created a video which shows different methods of creating arcs.

I hope all the information helps

cheers, Jim

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

Hi, Jim,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I am looking at the pdf tutorial now. On page 47, step 11 has me select 'def_internal-len'. I can't find this parameter in the list on the block properties window, nor can I find 'obj_type'. 'model_name' does appear. Thgis is the kind of issue I am referring to. Is there a hidden switch option that hides and enables parameters?

What I really would like is a one-stop reference for all the little details, like, what does the '#' in the name_format parameter represent? - are there other formatting characters I should know about? - the kind of things that make working with a new CAD program easy. Having to bother people for links to things like this gets old rather quickly.


Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics


If you took a couple of hours out and went through the pdf from page one Iam sure you would save hours of frustration.

however to answer your questions

If any parameter does not exist in the design then choose Admin > Edit Global Parameters. In here you can create all the parameters you want. Once they exist in the global parameters you can then use them on design sheets, block, ports, fibers etc etc.

The # indicate the auto name eg 1, 2, 3 ## would be 01, 02, 03

Your one stop shop is the help center but i can only but emphasize, take some time and go through the basic tutorial, and at the end of each exercise reflect on what you have done and think how it can be applied to your every day work. The tutorial should give you all the tools you need to create your own designs.

With respect to what parameters you require for cabling design under the loadpoint of creo schematics there are CSV files that you can import which will automatically add all the parameters you require for cabling design, e.g. model_name, Def_internal_len etc.- Refer to the image below

hope the info helps



29-04-2014 17-19-10.jpg