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Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

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Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

Hi Everyone...



Starting tomorrow January 22 through the 24th, PTC/User is holding it's bi-annual "face to face" Technical Committee ("TC") meetings. These meetings are held twice a year- once at PTC Headquarters and again at the PTC Live World Event (or whatever we're calling it this year).


Volunteers from PTC customers and other interested individuals comprise the membership of these Technical Committees. Working closely with PTC, the Technical Committees provide product feedback, enhancement requests, and other information that helps to influence future software development. At the face-to-face meetings,Technical Committee members have direct access to PTC software developers and Product Line Managers. These are the people responsible for enhancements, upgrades, and future functionality for all PTC products including Creo/ProE, Windchill, and Creo View.


There are well over a dozen different TC's of which I'm a member of about 6 of them. Originally, I joined with the intention to share NASA's feedback, comments, and concerns with the software developers and other committee members. But having spent a tremendous amount of time interacting with users on PTC Community, I'd like to throw the door open for everyone to submit their feedback, insights, comments, concerns, and enhancement requests.


The goal is to make positive contributions and hopefully influence future enhancements to the software. This isn't intended to be another "gripe" thread. Let's please focus on bringing something positive to the discussion. These are professional meetings held at PTC Headquarters and we're invited guests.


To be blunt... I can't just go into a TC meeting and start ripping the PTC people a new one because I don't like the ribbon interface. However, I can go in there with a reasonable request supported by sound logic and a true business need and make a case for a software enhancement.


The last time I attended one of these meetings, many people just sat there quietly taking in the scenery and munching on free snacks. You could hear crickets chirping in some of the sessions. Sometimes PTC Product Line Managers were standing there asking for feedback and people just stared at them. That absolutely cannot happen! How often do you get these people in a room giving you their time and attention? This kind of opportunity cannot be squandered.


I realize we have the "Ideas" section of the PTC Community and we've been assured that those enhancement requests do make it to the developers. But this is a chance to speak directly with the software developers. If there's an enhancement you really need... or a problem you're having... or some piece of feedback you really want to make it up the chain of command, now is the time to say something!


Add to this thread and send in your feedback and requests. I'll do my best to get it in front of the developers. They might be sick of hearing from me by the end of the meetings... but I've never been afraid to speak up.


Remember to keep it positive if possible... but let's hear what you have to say!





PS: I am currently a member of the following Technical Committees so I can address topics in any of these areas:

  • Routed Systems - Cabling/Piping & Schematics
  • Core Modeling
  • Model Based Definition (ASME Y.14.41 Standards)
  • System Administration
  • Detailing
  • Creo View / Visualization
  • Windchill


PPS: If you're interested in joining a TC, go to the PTC/User Website, create a login, and sign up!


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Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

I'm posting the wrap-up notes from the Technical Committee meetings as an attachment to this thread. I'm also going to write a blog post to tie things up. I'll also respond to each person individually (in the thread) so everyone understands the disposition of their requests.



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Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

Hi Brian

I have a long list of enhancement requests.
Typically in the area of Sheetmetal, administration and Windchill.

I have a lot of colleagues that's been using Inventor before, and they have some pretty good ideas and experiences with Inventor.

Direct export of DXF from unfolded sheetmetal part as one of them.

I think Creo 2.0 is a huge step in the right direction, and I've been so fortunate to have some sessions with PTC, where I was able to show our problems to PTC's R&D.

Useability is a key point today as functionality is hastily coming along in other CAD programs as well.

If the user has a good experience, he/she will be happy with the programs.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

1. selective dual dimensioning.

2. to give different color to a feature directly-instead of selecting surfaces.

3. ablility to put number of holes with one selection of hole option. (it was there in Pro/E 2001) we have select hole option n number times to create n number of holes.

4. double-clcik to activate feature or sketch in addition to "edit" and "edit definiton"

5. include symmetry constrain in right click in sketcher.

6. include model properties tab in quick access toolbar by default.

7. ability to fill( hatching and solid fill) wrapped sketches.

8. chain and loop option in "use edge" in detailing.

will add more...

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!


Thanks for taking the initiative :-)

Here are a couple of requests from me:

1. Weldment assemblies

Similar functionality as Solidworks, beeing able to define mutiple bodies within one part.

2. Effective method of creating single part views within an assembly drawing with correct balloon/note reference to item number in partslist.

3. Relation improvements.

Include typical javascript functions within relations.

Add a "Real to string" function or something similar.

Enable creating your own functions within relations.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

Hello Brian,

Good to see you back on the boards. So I've got plenty but here's few:

1) Drawings

Surpress and show leading and trailing zeros of selected dimensions through RMB --> Properties menu.

2) Creo Session

Find Session folder after Creo crashes with the previous automatically saved data, and restore the last selected working directory path.

3) Drawings

Delete/hide/erase unwanted thread/quilt lines in drawing xsection without having to convert the view to draft entities.

4) Assembly drawings

While using automated bom ballooning by view, don't let Creo to put balloons onto parts that are infront of the xsec and also behind it. Simply put, show baloons only for components affected by the cross section.

5) Drawings

Enhance creation of cross section from drawing mode, there are still the old menus. Make it the same just like in modeling mode.

6) Mapkeys

When creating for example Extrude feature there's an option to switch it to surface and create a surface feature. The same option is also for Revolve, Sweep, Blend, etc. features. Make it possible so that only one mapkey is needed to switch a feature like that to Surface.

Right now if you create mapkey to switch Extrude to Surface, it doesn't work for other features, even that the button on dashboard tab is completely the same.

Same applies to Through All, To Selected, and tons of other options that are similar/same for features through the whole Creo UI.

7) Mapkeys

Add new option that will allow user to activate a mapkey using MMB or RMB, and in case user makes a typo in the mapkey this button will then erase the command line, so that new mapkey can be typed in instantly without having to delete the command line first. This is actually the number one thing Creo needs in my opinion.


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

Hi Brian,

Evrything about whats needs to be done has been said on this forum already.So ill try to ask for something diffrent:

For the love of god make them see that Creo must come out of the box with standard parts and material library. All they need is 2 engineers they can pay with beer and it will be done. There is no excuse under the sun for not doing this.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!


1). WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) on text boxes:

2). Excel/Table/BOM's - one and the same as for functionality. Copy/Paste/Move Column-Rows.......

3). Family Tables/Excel - same thing

4). – Bug noted by Antonius

5). Improved functionality on GD&T on drawings.

6). Hole tables to see holes from both side of a plate:

7). Hole table with different accuracy for different sets of holes:

These are some of the things that I went through that we in "Your stuff" "Discussions" from my login. There are probably others that I agreed with, but didn't comment on.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

I'm going to highlight an important basic feature which I think needs improving, and I'm sure others will agree:


The Thicken command ought to be able to cope with radii that are too small to appear on the inside of the thicken feature. The same goes for shells and offsets. I think this would be a very useful enhancement.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

Thanks Preben... I absolutely love this idea. I've had colleagues and users I support ask for this numerous times. Rather than having to make a drawing just to dump out a flat pattern, there should be either a way to do this in sheetmetal mode- or there should be a way to dump out a 2D line drawing of any view in model mode.

For example, let's say you've got your flat pattern and it's oriented so that the "front" view is looking down on it ("plan view"). Other users have asked for the ability to spit out a DXF/DWG (a 2D line drawing) of whatever their current view is. So you'd orient to the "front" view in this case, hit a button, and save a DXF from the view.

This would give you what you're after but it would also provide 2D line drawings of any other view, too. Several users have asked for simple 2D output from 3D but we haven't been able to give it to them.

I will carry your suggestion and my suggestion to the meetings tomorrow. I'll stop in to the Sheetmetal TC, too to make sure this makes it to their radar.

Thanks for the input!


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Now's the time to speak up!

Thanks Rohit...

You've got quite a few good suggestions... and some of them are definitely out of the normal realm of what's requested by Pro/E folks. I especially like the idea of double-clicking to edit the definition of a sketch or feature. I read #4 that you want to be able to double-click to "activate" a feature... but I guess I'm not clear on what that means. You can single-click to "activate" or select a feature now... what do you envision should occur when double-clicking? I think I'd like to see a double-click turn on the dimensions of a feature. Maybe a "CTRL+Click" would automatically edit the definition? Hmm ... I'll have to kick that around. What are your thoughts just so I am clear on what you mean?

I think #5 is a good addition... but I would go one further. In Wildfire 2, symmetry would automatically turn itself on as sketched once your sketch got close to being symmetric. This is much in the way that the "T" for tangency turns itself on once you've sketched geometry such that it's nearly tangent to an arc. This USED to happen with symmetry but was removed in Wildfire 3. Rather than having to select symmetry from a right-click menu, I'd like to see it go back to the Wildfire 2 method... or at least a config option to toggle that older style symmetry selection on again.

For #3 (sorry to jump around), I actually do not remember this from Pro/E 2001. To my memory, you always had to add holes one at a time. I think we could benefit from being able to select references and then drop multiple holes based upon those references... or perhaps we could have a "repeat" button like they do in piping applications where you can quickly duplicate the last active option. Both methods would allow multiple hole creation. There are some enhancements submitted in the "Ideas" area which allude to this type of feature. I'll bring it up and see what the developers say.

Thanks for your feedback! Keep it coming!