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Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Brian Martin wrote:

17. What is the longest file name we can use in Creo? Why the limit? At least, make it 256 char long. Not sure of the status of this request... I'll ask. The limitation could have something to do with Oracle/Windchill and other issues.

Just to chime in about this - I'm not really sure if that's a problem related to Windchill. After all, Windchill objects (WTParts or CAD Docs) accept names up to around 80 characters and with spaces.

And when it comes to suggestions, I'd reiterate the one that has already been posted on this forums (I think) - why PTC doesn't allow ANY characters other than plain ASCII in filenames (I checked some time ago - Windchill doesn't have this problem )? I mean, I'm not able to create part with name like "płyta" (plate in Polish) for example. I think only Chinese/Japanese versions use different encoding French, German, Polish etc. are left with standard ASCII characters.

Another thing is also related to character encoding - when you create a drawing and again, use in notes non-ASCII characters and try to export drawing to PDF - instead of non-standard characters it's usually a blank placeholder character (empty rectangle). There is a workaround for this - to use a "Stroke All Fonts" option when exporting to PDF, but this option actually "draws" fonts as lines and they are thicker than regular font lines. Also, PDF size is increased. What's more, this problem doesn't exist when printing drawings, so some of my customers ended up with installing PDF printers on their systems and printing drawings to PDFs instead of exporting them.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Hi Brian,

Possibly just adding to some points already mentioned, but I'd like to add some more specifics to window order management.

1. The table editor (as in Pattern Table) is very prone to disappearing behind the model window, even though the editor is the active window. I'm very glad that I know about Alt+Esc to get it back - most users don't.

2. I've had a quick go at reproducing this one, and failed - but I'm sure that I frequently see it. Basically, if I have multiple Pro/E windows open and I click on a non-Pro/E window (we run dual monitors, so I usually have something else on the secondary one which I consult frequently) one of the non-active Pro/E windows sometimes jumps to the top of the pile, thus hiding the one I was actually working with.

We're on WF4 so it's possible this is out of date... but I'd be a little surprised.

Also, here's an new request: make the licensing work on a per-user or per-computer basis, not on a per-instance. There are a number of good reasons to run multiple sessions, not least different project configs; importing large STEP files on a 'spare' CPU core; and simple stability (if one session crashes it wouldn't take the rest down with it). I did post about this some while ago ( and seem to recall I discussed it on the phone with someone representing PTC, but I've heard nothing further.

I'm afraid I'm out for a week after this evening UK time, so won't be able to hold any further discussion unless it's today - but hopefully this is something that others will recognise too.


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

3. Moving assemblies to a different order - This is not an issue when assembly is small. But it becomes HUGE issue with large assemblies because Creo is slow and lag is present making it harder to set position.

5. Importing STEP or any CAD exchange file - Our system is set that when you press New it will open window with USE DEFAULT TEMPLATE (our standard with all parameters, material, etc. already set):


Comm_part is a template for any purchased part when imported as STEP or any other non-Creo file. Van_part is our standard template for detail (model) part.

When I open STEP file I select comm_part as template. This teplate had all parameters ser for purchased components.


Now, if I want to make new model (part), unless I select van_part for template, default will be comm_part and my model will have parameters for purchasd part instead for new made part.

6. Make a detail and a drawing for that detail - All our DRW filenames are exactly the same with exception for DRW extension. If DRW file gets reamed CREO should not try to rename it, obviously, but at least it can try to find it and rename it if there is a file with same name in same folder.

7. This happens when large assemblies are used.

8. Here is the issue. I have DRW file with lots of surfaces. It takes forever to refresh once its opened. I open other model/part and its DRW file. When I close this DRW file instead of focusing on model it will take me to the DRW file with lots of surfaces and before I move to model I will have to wait for this DRW to refresh.

10. Mate constrain should be BACK. When I use repeat command I have to guess which one is really mate or coincident (flat or hole).

20. - 30. Other users posted these. I just collected them.

31. Hole command is very important.

32. I would like to see EDIT option where corners of plane would highlight and then you can grab them and move them as you like. Currently, i have to go to edit definition, properties tab and then move plane edges.

33. Having to add plane just to define a hole depth is a little bit frustrating. Extra step that is not needed.

I have another one. Print preview is the worst I have ever seen. WYSIWYG is not incorporated in here.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Hi Brian,

You have my vote 500% to become the chairperson of the TC. In my personal opinion you are the best and the most deserved to be the chairperson.

take care!

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

One more thing. If assembly fails, pattern should too. I see no reason why pattern is not marked in red as failed assembly.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings


I am sure that, in earlier versions (back in the old pre-wildfire days), if a pattern didn't regenerate, it told you. Now, the Model Tree tells me the whole model has regenerated, but sometimes, when I expand the pattern, I find none of the pattern instances are regenerated.

Must be progress, I suppose.

WF4, M220 here, but I doubt that it has changed in C2, by the sound of it.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Click on dowel pin (white circle), right click and select edit command. And then search for dimension. Hint: Look for white arrow. Also, although selected EDIT command filer (red arrow) is still set to ALL (instead of DIMENSION).

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

If ribbon improvement is open in this discussion:

Allow the ability to update all applicable ribbons with a new command.

Since the ribbons are all custom for each filetype, you should be able to apply a newly defined ribbon to drawings, assemblies, parts, sheet metal... etc. without having to do this separately. Then you should be able to choose a "mode", or which menu type you want to edit.

In other words, editing the ribbon should be disconnected from the current session and make it a stand-alone app that can be accessed anytime with the current session as the focus.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Fix the parameter window. Why do I have to reposition it every time? And resize columns?

Return showing the model name in status bar when hoover over the model.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Licensing should be per PC not per instance. I strongly agree with this. Sometimes, I have to wait for command to finish before I can do something else. And it takes minutes, not seconds. This way, while I am waiting, I can do something else. Right now, as I am writing this, I am waiting for one big step file to get opened in Creo.

Also, since it is common to use two monitors, I wonder why this "activate" button exists. Model should be activated as soon as it gets in focus of the mouse. This is what I was talking when I said that Creo should start working more Windows way, not Unix.