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Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Hi Danilo...

That would be wonderful. The "library" you're given with piping now is pretty bare bones and useless. So far, no one has really mentioned piping. At the Technical Committees, piping is not even discussed. I mean, I think the last two times we met I can't recall even one piping enhancement being discussed. It's not that piping doesn't need attention... it's just that everything else seems to need so much more attention.

What default options were you interested in for Creo Piping? Because of so little feedback on piping, there's probably a good chance to get your ideas in front of the piping people.



Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Hi Reinhard...

About the "save display" thing, I thought that was addressed previously. If it is indeed still working this way, I agree it's a problem that has to be fixed.

The latest version of the "Help" tool seems to be much, much nicer with links to the Learning Connector, PTC's website, and even PTC Community. Or... am I imagining that I saw that? Sheesh... I can't even recall now.

Thank you for the detailed and well-written message. I am a bit short on time at the moment but having a nice, concise, and detailed description of what you're asking for is tremendously helpful when I go back to compile one big wish-list.

Thanks again!


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Hi Brian,

we all must praise you for your efforts to make Creo better. I think some low hanging fruits should be collected first.

- save_display still there when I checked at Hannover Fair in April

- Highlighting Help has improved but no highlighting

some more:

- Hiding ribbon - can be toggeld by Ctrl/F1. Ribbon is opened by pressing a tab. I would prefer the ribbon to open while pressing a hotkey which can be reached by left hand and to close when releasing the key.

- columns in model tree

You can dimension the width of each column in tree.cfg except the first. It wouldnt be ProE if you could do that.

- flyout menues

It is a pain to select a thread in the hole tool because the flyout window doesnt resize according to hole table. The window could go down to the bottom of the screen, once te thread is selected its closed anyway. This applies to other areas as well.

Have a nice weekend


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Okay everyone...

The TC Meetings are actually happening right now. I've compiled a massive (and I mean massive) list of issues and items to discuss. I've planned out the next two days and I'll be taking as many of your comments, concerns, and enhancement requests to the PTC developers as I can.

Thanks to everyone for all the solid, actionable inputs. Just as I did in January, I'll post the completed spreadsheet of issues and whether or not I was able to get them into the discussion.

I'll post an update later today... thanks again!


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Hi Jakub...

I am far behind in responding to many posts on this thread. At the TC's you can report problems, enhancements, etc. If the problem is something like "my screen goes blank when I switch to a new Creo window on my Dell laptop with xxxxx graphics card" then that isn't really actionable.

If the bug is something like "I can't create a reference dimension anywhere the way I did in wildfire 3" well then THAT is a bug I can take to the TC's.

Many times they still want you to be able to reproduce the problem. If you have bugs, go ahead and let me know what they are. We have one day of TC meetings left. If there's something I can bring to PTC's attention, I certainly will!



Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Thanks Ryan (and Rohit)... I totally agree and I took this directly to the interface designers (or at least one of them). I clicked between Default and the Black and White color choices and asked if he could tell the difference.

Your choices for colors now are: Brilliant White, Slighly less brilliant but still annoying white, dark or... Custom which is basically saying "Figure it out yourself". But it's excessively tough to get something that even approximates the old colors.

I think I went off for about 10 minutes on colors. I went all the way back to Rev 9 and reviewed all of the color changes and asked why they kept fiddling with it. Or... if they insist on fiddling with it, at least give us the old color schemes as an option. We got ripped off in Creo... you get white... or nothing.



Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Okay everyone...

Between the new items and the existing carryovers from the last TC meetings in January, we have over 100 enhancement requests. That doesn't even count the ones from January that were addressed but required following up.

These meetings so far have been far less productive than the ones in January. I mean this only from my personal standpoint of being able to bring your enhancement requests to the developers. There hasn't been the same time allowed to discuss these issues and many of the available slots have been filled by other TC members hoping to be heard.

This is actually quite a bit different than January where I could almost run the floor for most of the meeting. This time, the presentations from PTC and some of the other members has really chewed into the time to discuss specifics.

I'll try again tomorrow and, like last time, publish a list of the issues which were addressed. I may need to hire a personal assistant to help keep it all straight!

Thanks again everyone...


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings say nothing about the hidden option: USE_PRE_WILDFIRE_ENTITY_COLOR YES in the SCL file

...for which I never received an acceptable response from CS when I inquired as to its meaning.

This was the configuration I ended up with after a lot of research:




SYSTEM_DIMMED_MENU_COLOR 57.8125 57.8125 59.765625

SYSTEM_LETTER_COLOR 100.0 79.6875 19.921875

SYSTEM_HIGHLIGHT_COLOR 39.84375 7.8125 7.8125

SYSTEM_EDGE_HIGH_COLOR 100.0 14.84375 14.84375

SYSTEM_GEOMETRY_COLOR 94.53125 94.53125 97.65625

SYSTEM_HIDDEN_COLOR 75.78125 75.78125 79.6875

SYSTEM_SHEETMETAL_COLOR 7.8125 39.84375 7.8125

SYSTEM_CURVES_COLOR 19.921875 19.921875 59.765625

SYSTEM_VOLUME_COLOR 39.84375 19.921875 39.84375

SYSTEM_SECTION_COLOR 19.921875 79.6875 100.0

SYSTEM_PRESEL_HIGHLIGHT_COLOR 39.84375 100.0 19.921875

SYSTEM_SELECTED_COLOR 19.921875 79.6875 39.84375

SYSTEM_SECONDARY_SELECTED_COLOR 19.921875 79.6875 79.6875


SYSTEM_SECONDARY_PREVIEW_COLOR 79.6875 39.84375 59.765625

SYSTEM_DATUM_COLOR 59.765625 39.84375 19.921875

SYSTEM_QUILT_COLOR 100.0 79.6875 19.921875

SYSTEM_SHADED_EDGE_COLOR 4.6875 4.6875 5.078125





Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

There you go....screenshot from Creo 3.0...RMB+Creo+3.jpg

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - Summer 2013 TC Meetings

Keep at it Brian!

Wish I was down there to help you out!