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IntraLink/PDMLink Migration Curve


IntraLink/PDMLink Migration Curve

Has anyone recently implented Pro/Intralink and/or Pro/PDMLink. We've heard
the sales pitch, now we want to here from you, the end-users in the
trenches. How long does it really take to import the legacy data base,
implement and overcome all learning curves? We have 10 people using Pro
daily, an assy with hundreds of parts and an abundance of family tables to
contend with. Thanks all for sharing valuable experiences.

Chris Rockhold
Payload Systems Inc.
chrislrockhold (AOL Instant Messenger) (web)

RE: IntraLink/PDMLink Migration Curve

Hi Chris,

We just implemented Pro/Intralink and it is in my opinion our greatest
engineering quality upgrade yet.
The user interface is just like windows. If you have ever moved files
between directories in Windows,
you already know how to use Intralink. You just need to see it once.

Now troubleshooting is a different story, but it's easy to get good at that

Data migration can be tricky... but you only have to do it once.

The first two weeks will have your users complaining.
After that you won't believe that you ever got by without it.

Best regards,

Frederick W. Burke III
Mechanical Design Engineer
ISE Corporation
7345 Mission Gorge Road, Suite K
San Diego, California 92120
(619) 287-8785 x-151