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January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

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January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

Hi Everyone...



It's that time again! Each January, PTC/User holds it's bi-annual "face to face" Technical Committee ("TC") meetings. These meetings are held twice a year with the Winter Session being held next week at PTC Headquarters in Needham, MA.These meetings are mostly attended by representatives of large, influencial customers who pay to send their personnel directly to PTC for meetings with Product Line Managers, software developers, and technical staff.


Every 6 months or so I (foolishly) try to gather enhancement requests, issues, and problems from Community members who cannot attend the TC meetings. Obviously I work for one of those large, influencial customers so I will be in attendance to represent their interests. Still, I believe there's tremendous value in the contributions of PTC Community members who do not work for companies with the means to lobby PTC directly for enhancements.


In order to track submissions by Community members, I've previously posted an exhaustive spreadsheet of requests and issues complete with a "disposition" for each. I've reposted that spreadsheet here for reference. For this next set of meetings, I think it's necessary to clear the docket a bit. Many of the requested enhancements have either been added to Creo 3.0, slated for implementation in Creo 4.0, rejected outright, or "overcome by events" meaning they're not as relevant as they once were. Continuing to manage and update such a massive spreadsheet with stale data is a tremendous chore. I think the best way to move forward is to go back to the start and gather requests anew.



So then... if you have requests or nagging problems with Creo 2.0 or 3.0 now is the time to speak up.


Please know that topics like the User Interface (ribbon) and annoyances with the color schemes are perennial complaints which are often discussed... but rarely changed based on TC input. The most useful enhancement requests are very specific. Vague requests like "fix the measurement tool" or "improve the interface" are not as easy to fight for as a more focused request. Here are some tips:

  • Errors or problems should be described well. Please try to completely describe your request or issue clearly and concisely (if possible).
  • Screenshots and pictures are tremendously helpful even if they're just mock-ups of some new feature you'd like to see. I realize it takes time to put these together but this makes your issue stand out and helps communicate your request to others.
  • Use Cases are very helpful. "Use case" is a term we use to describe a particular work scenario that requires attention or demonstrates the need for a particular enhancement. For example, this is an example of a "use case" (this is a real request I've submitted):
    • "I have an irregular surface - such as an elliptical tank. I'd like to drop a coordinate system offset from the irregular surface such that one axis of the coordinate system is always normal to the placement surface but offset at some height above the surface. Currently the only way I can do this is to add a point on the irregular surface offset by the appropriate amount, then add a coordinate system on the point. It's possible to drop a point on a surface offset by a specific height and it's possible to drop a coordinate system on a surface with the normal automatically adjusting to the surface but it's not possible to create a coodinate system with an offset and the automatic normal. See slides below (click for larger images)...Slide1.PNGSlide2.PNG




A picture is definitely worth a thousand words in this instance. The better you can describe your issue, the easier it is for me to bring it to the attention of the PTC developers and Product Line Managers.


As always, our goal is to make positive contributions so that we may influence future releases of the software. Reasonable requests supported by sound logic and a true business need have the best chance of being well received. These are professional meetings held at the pleasure of PTC and it's employees. I'm an invited guest at this event and I'm also representing my employer so I need to remain professional. While I'll do my best to make a case for incorporating your enhancements, please remember that I probably can't get to every request. Numerous meetings occur simultaneously and it's tough to hop around between rooms.


Add your comments, requests, pain points, and feedback to this thread. I'll do my best to get it in front of the developers. I'll catalog the requests and post a synopsis and a final report after the meetings.


Remember to keep it positive if possible... but let's hear what you have to say!





PS: I am currently a member of the following Technical Committees so I can address topics in any of these areas:

  • Routed Systems - Cabling/Piping & Schematics
  • Core Modeling
  • Model Based Definition (ASME Y.14.41 Standards)
  • System Administration
  • Sheet Metal
  • Detailing
  • Creo NC / Manufacturing
  • Creo View / Visualization
  • Windchill


If you're interested in joining a TC, go to the PTC/User Website, create a login, and sign up!


Thanks everyone!



Re: January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

Dear Brian,

Thanks for the info, ould you help me to find tutorial or training material on Model based definition in Creo



Re: January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

I think it is time to implement 3D machining results in defining 3D cam operations or gears.

I don't want this buried in the manufacturing extension either but it does belong there too.

Modeling a globoidal cam

It shouldn't require a study to show that this can be done "adequately". With rapid prototyping on the rise, we should be able to easily mimic machine tooling operations.

The beginnings of this are already there. The envelope can be united with the trace curve and can be united with surfacing features. At minimum, the operation should be able to generate a smooth envelope surface with edges rather than unusable facet geometry.

Re: January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

Detailing is not on your list, Brian, but we have two shortcomings:

1) Explode extension lines do not perform hidden line removal for the extension lines. The hidden view display algorithm needs to be performed for shaded view explode. This appears to be a simple specification oversight.

2) It is high time shaded section views capabilities are added as an enhancement.

I use the detailing package for presentation level documents. These are the top two limitations I find that cost me significant effort to secure a reliable work-around, both of which require view duplication and accurate overlays of two views.

Re: January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

It shouldn't take two hands (mouse and keyboard) to create a dimension (Creo 3). Having to hold down CTRL before selecting a second reference doesn't accomplish anything since a middle mouse button is still required to place a dimension.

See full discussion here:

Re: January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

imagine my happiness when they added the option to show where were the references before the feature failed in Creo 3.0....

and the when i went to detailing...and i had to use the Ctrl+left click +mmb to place just one dimension.......i mean what where they thinking....

please change it back to the way it was uptil Creo 2.0...

Re: January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

Hi Brian,

Hope you doing good and happy...

1. the selection box of view in detailing should be just slightly larger that the part or assembly instead

interfering with other views.

2. ability to edit the drawing format from within the drawing file, at present we have to open the format file separately to edit.

3. ability to open drawing from part or assembly file, at present only opposite is possible.

4. when one view is place as "no hidden" the other views should follow the same, at present every view has to be individually converted to "no hidden" from "shaded."

5. if i add a sheet to already existing drawing and place drawing views of a totally new part in the newly added sheet ..the "&model_name" option still shows the name of the original part should show the name of the current part in that particular sheet.

6. re-submitting this one " to show mass properties in different units, without changing the parent units"

imagine a customer asking me to show weight in grams,and i change the parent unit and then features in part embarrassing...and solidworks does this with a click.

7. ability to "save as pdf",jpeg etc....of the section view from the separate present we can only see the section view in separate window in creo 2.0

8. the drag handle of section arrow disappears when zooming in, so it cannot be dragged when zooming in.

more to follow...

Re: January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

Not sure if this is even possible, as no one else does that I know of, but I'd like to see the ability to calculate and show theoretical sharp corners on a drawing view instead of tangent edges.

I'm a tool designer. I don't work with too many sharp edges and corners. Everything vertical surface is drafted and every corner is broken with a radius. I usually show dimmed tangent edges, but none are usable for dimensioning and it looks like a garbled mess and is not interpretable. Turning tangent edges off shows no face detail.

Re: January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

Hi Martin,

Could you please help to communicate and submit the following high score votes (more than 50 votes) of product idea with PMs:

  1. Support multi-CPUs(processors) for model regeneration action in Creo
  2. Allow spaces in filenames
  3. Use Tabs for open models/drawings in Creo (like in ProE, IE, Firefox, Chrome, FoxIt pdf viewer, etc)...
  4. Sketcher dimensions that stay put!
  5. Default drawing size option (for example: A4 and not C)
  6. Remember Parametric Sketching References
  7. Allow the status bar to be moved to the top of the Creo Parametric window
  8. Be able to customize Graphics Toolbar (Creo 2.0) - Add icons
  9. Make render functionality more easy and simple to use
  10. Enable Zoom-to functionality
  11. Allow to blank the exterior border lines of table
  12. Define the default size of a template model – Sketch at the right scale of your usual models.
  13. The ability to switch between all the Creo applications "on the fly"
  14. Improve selection sequence
  15. Allow fillets (rounds) & chamfers in assembly mode
  16. Enable Show/Hide Session ID in Model Tree
  17. Default opening multi-sheet drawing on first sheet (Sheet 1)
  18. The Number "1"
  19. Diameter dimension attachment
  20. Limiting the quantity of windows/parts/drawings open to only 15.
  21. Please bring the old sweep (closed trajectory, open section -> add inner face) back
  22. Enhance the contrasts in Creo 2.0 dashboard between tabs
  23. Default choice when assembling two axes should be "coincident" (Creo 2.0)
  24. Point Tables
  25. Allow Comments in Model Tree
  26. Double-click on features in model tree to show dimensions
  27. An Option in to specify a separate file for Mapkeys
  28. Diameter or Radius symbol in Sketcher dimension

Thank you a lots.

Re: January 2015 TC Meetings: Enhancement Requests for Creo

Some of these are already possible:

4 - Go to your drawing properties and set the option"model_display_for_new_views" to no_hidden. All new views with then be no hidden.

6 - Research using unit sensitive relations and assigning units to parameters. You can set parameters to alternate units and have Creo do the conversion for you. So, if your mass unit is lbs and you want to report grams, create a mass_g parameter, set its units to "grams", make a relation to set it equal to the built in mass and set your relations to "units sensitive"

Doug Schaefer | Engineering Manager
Crow Works