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Parameters & symbols in drawings


Parameters & symbols in drawings

Good morning:

We have a situation here that I believe has no solution without
Pro/Intralink, but I figure it's worth a query just in case...

For our QA program, I have created a symbol that lists our in-house releases
and revisions. The first line lists our "Release Level," as dictated by our
project milestone client review schedule: "Concept Review," "60% Review," or
"90% Review." The next line lists our "Preliminary Revision," whose format
is "##.#"; the value of ## depends on the Release Level - during the Concept
Review phase, ## is 0; during the 60% Review phase, ## is 60, and during the
90% Review phase, ## is 90. # is incremented each time the drawing is
changed in any way, and resets to 0 each time we move to a new Release
Level. Once this symbol is approved, we will be adding it to our drawing

At the moment, I have this symbol set up so that the Release Level and ##
fields must be chosen from the values I've set up in the drop-down field of
the symbol dialog box' Variable Text tab, and # must be entered as an
integer value. However, we need this symbol to show on each sheet of
multi-sheet drawings, and wish to have changes to any one of these symbols
within a given drawing automatically propagate throughout the rest of the
sheets. Although we can do this with drawing parameters, I know of no way to
constrain said parameters to certain values other than by using relations,
and relations cannot be added to drawings until they have a model associated
with them. Therefore, I cannot add relations to our drawing templates;
adding a "dummy" model to the drawing template is not an option, as when the
project is turned in to the client, all files must have unique names that
conform to the client's nomenclature in order to be entered into their
Intralink system.

Does anyone know of a way we can keep these fields constrained to certain
values AND automatically update changes throughout multi-sheet drawings
(without installing Intralink and using its system parameters)?

We are currently using Wildfire, if that makes any difference.