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I'm hoping someone out there can shed some light on this.
I realize this isn't exactly a Pro/E or Intralink problem.

For the last five years we have plotted our silkscreens out to
clear film on HP plotters. This film has always had the rough
side out as the printed side. This has worked great for us.
(Plotters are HP750C and 1055CM)

Two or three months ago, HP decides to change the plotted side
to the smooth side. Now, it takes forever for the ink to dry.
Basically, you can wipe the ink off easily.

We have tried contacting HP with no results. They keep saying it's
a plotter issue. Why was it fine before they changed the film?

Has anyone had any experience with HP clear film or know of a support
person who would want to address this issue?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Rick Hill
MCAD Admin
MARCONI Communications
Voice: (440) 246-4756
Fax: (440) 246-4881

+++The expressed opinions above are mine, and do not reflect those of my


Just an FYI.

I sent this out a week ago...oddly enough, I didn't get one reply back on
I was able to get somewhere finally...with the help of Evan Caille. Thanks

I finally received a call from HP. It seems an issue with the hardware
apparant with the 1055's using clear film. Exactly what hardware on the
was affected, they didn't say.

But they did change the media a couple of months ago to correct this.
Unfortunately, now they have the issue with the ink not drying properly.
I was told they have received complaints about this.
It hasn't been resolved yet, but they are trying to resolve it. No
timeframe was given.

I asked if I could be notified when it is resolved, and was told there was
no process
for that at this time. ???

The solution I came up with (work around) was to drop the resolution down
to normal or 600dpi.
That does not give the deep black crisp text we want, but at least it dries
and doesn't rub off!

Rick Hill
MCAD Admin
MARCONI, now EMERSON Network Power