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Pro/CABLING - WildFire 5 - User Feedback Requested.

Pro/CABLING - WildFire 5 - User Feedback Requested.

It's for that and for the fact that it creates a location that is
extremely easy to drag around. Here's how we do it:

Create a harness assembly and assemble it to the vehicle. Activate the
harness in the context of the vehicle and create coordinate systems
where all the connectors go. Assemble all the connectors to the
coordinate systems. Create 2 offset locations and a network segment off
the back of each connector with the offset locations being referenced to
the connector coordinate system. Create network segments between the
various network stubs on the back of the connectors. Quickly add offset
locations to the new segments and drag them so the harness routes
through the vehicle where we want it to. For us this is significantly
faster and easier then fooling around with copy geometry. We often use
the same harness in two or more vehicles. With this method we can save
a copy of the original harness, assemble it to a different vehicle and
quickly drag the locations around to fit the different configuration. No
need to create a bunch of copied surface. Another reason for doing it
this way is that vehicle harnesses tend to route through space and next
to multiple components that often have complex surfaces (engines,
casting, etc) We are not routing wires in a nice simple box with 3 or 4
flat surfaces where we can pick locations on a surface.



Pro/CABLING - WildFire 5 - User Feedback Requested.

Ok guys this was exactly what I was looking for a good healthy debate on
the changes and it is the purpose of the meeting, to find out what
assumptions were incorrect.

I was under the impression that you were all following the approved top
down techniques and this is why in wildfire 4.0 we designed the convert
to offset option. I watched customers use the offset command and it
pained me to see how long it took them. Thus we came up with the idea
of "convert to offset" which allowed a user to place locations down very
quickly by selecting on surfaces and creating lots of references. Then
when the harness was complete you were able to delete the references and
have cabling design automatically create the offset locations for you in
the exact location where you wanted them.

The attached movie shows the functionality.

And to be clear I hear and understand your complaint and will address it
but I would be interested if anyone could quantify why the method in the
movie is deemed unacceptable either in time or in time and picks
especially if you are using top down design techniques



Pro/CABLING - WildFire 5 - User Feedback Requested.

I personally can't say that I know of any customers that are following some
officially "approved" set of top down design methodologies. In the field
requirements for what really works for TDD can and normally are quite
different than some set of procedures developed in a lab.

Best Regards,

Scott W. Schultz

Principal Consultant

3D Relief Inc.

3700 Willow Creek Drive

Suite 200

Raleigh, NC 27604


Pro/CABLING - WildFire 5 - User Feedback Requested.

When and if Lockheed goes to 4.0, this sounds perfect!!!! Great addition....

Pro/CABLING - WildFire 5 - User Feedback Requested.


I use the insert offset location a lot, to tweak the harness. Very often,
the harness only needs slight adjustment to go around a component. So I
like to start with adding a location at the exact spot where the harness
is currently, and then just slightly alter the dims, to tweak the harness
to route around some component.

Setting the default to 0,0,0 would be bad.

I do also use the top down methodology with copy geoms. I leave them as
copy geoms within a skeleton. I have had good luck with this practice.
Must make sure to set copy geoms as independent.

Jeff Roeber

Applied Engineering

Pro/CABLING - WildFire 5 - User Feedback Requested.


I was not speaking of Routing the paths of cables via offset csys. But
the ability to add a location via
csys for such oddities as a needed service loop or even to keep the bundle
from deforming over a long stretch.
And when adding such a location in free space keeping the xyz location
given from the default csys.
I do not ever use copy geoms in skeletons, because of the dependencies
(even when set as independent) always create independent surfaces.
Currently working WF 4 just keeping a heads up for WF 5. Looks like the
function is still in place from your video.

Douglas K. Bowles
Advanced Systems Harn/Des
520-665-7082 Office
520-490-9395 Cell

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