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Running Intralink remotely


Running Intralink remotely

Pro Guru-
I'd like to have suppliers be able to log into our intralink to
upload and download models. As most don't have Pro
I want to know if there is a way for them to log on remotely and run
intralink on our server using our licenses? If you can is this even
practical? Any better way to serve out models in a controlled secure

David W. Lawrence
Mechanical Systems Integration/COA
Voice (301) 231-2924
Fax (301) 231-3397

Re: Running Intralink remotely


You can achieve this by giving your suppliers a VPN account and access to
your network. You would then install Pro/INTRALINK and Pro/E on their
workstation, and point their license files to the servers within your
network. Once installed, Pro/I and Pro/E would be functional when a VPN
connection is established. From this point on, the software performance
would depend on the hardware it is installed on, as well as Internet access

Be aware, I have run into a problem associated with running Pro/I remotely
like this. If you are downloading a large file and the VPN connection is
discontinued for any reason, you may have to reset the servers to allow
access to that assembly again (a known issue, PTC can walk you through the
resolution if it occurs).

Of course, you will have to get your IT Department to buy into providing an
outsider access to your internal network (the real hurdle). From there, it's
a piece of cake.

Hope this helps,

Loriann Elmali
(978) 448-4069

Re: Running Intralink remotely

I am doing this with Pro/E and Pro/I (and UG) loaded on my home computer. I
open the VPN connection and other than speed, it is just like being in the


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