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summary - version migration


summary - version migration

I asked for some opinions regarding upgrading to either WF4 or 5 from
2... I got a lot of responses (over 30!) and here is what I took away:

I would guess there was a pretty close to 50/50 split for various

The big detractor from moving to 5 was the 2d module changes. The
ribbon interface seems to have caused a lot of dissatisfaction and

One person mentioned a performance hit - 5 being slower than 4 on the
same hardware. No surprise here, but I thought it was interesting that
only one person mentioned it. I expected it to be a more influential

Also 5 seems to have put some effort into the Rendering module and it is
supposedly better (couldn't get much worse IMO)

Here are comment snippets from posters...

wf5 is more stable than the build of wf4 we had

They (PTC) pushed back the release back of WF5 because it was on an
equal level of stability of WF4. They spent a few weeks making it more
stable before releasing it.

you're better off waiting for a later build of any version before
jumping into it

We just upgraded from 3 to WF5 and there are major UI changes and
I would suggest though to step to WF5 . It may be a little more
difficult but it worth it..

WF4 on the other hand was a great improvement for us because of the
improved surfacing and data doctor and pdf creation.

There are some great new features and improvements like to cable harness
routing, some mechanisms like 3D contact and gears, belt design features
for pulley belts, some sheet metal enhancements and some others.

several of our Mech Designers went to the WF5 intro in October last year
(when we were already on WF4) and afterward the consensus was "when are
we going to WF5". I just about fell over. Previous upgrades had been

(with respect to WF5)...One of the biggest complaints I've heard about
Pro/E is that it's non-intuitive, or it just doesn't act like other
software. PTC seems to be listening to that complaint and doing
something about it.

Aside from the learning curve issue, I remember reading some older
threads that WF5 is noticeably slower than WF4 on the same hardware.

Thanks a lot for all of your input. I decided that we will move to 4 but
I have installed 5 on the machines for the sake of rendering and a sneak
peek. The responses seemed to be split fairly evenly between 4 and 5,
but I chose 4 because the only shop we ever send native files to (a
sister company) is mainly on 4.


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