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Mechanism Question


Mechanism Question

Mech Heads,

I have a mechanism that is working well, but my problem pertains to
components that contact and push one another. The WF3 functionality that
allows for Collision Detection and pushing on contact works okay. It
works best if I use the Partial Collision Detection and manually pick
the parts that will hit.

So far, this works well when running a position analysis, but it seems
that the collision detection settings are ignored when I run a Dynamic
Analysis. I can replicate this collision detection using Cam connections
with liftoff or slot connections, but this seems to be more of a hack
approach, since I am identifying where contacts are between components.
Can anyone steer me in the right direction for running a Dynamic
Analysis where the system determines what is contacting and will push
the models according to their constraints?

Thanks in advance!


Andrew Burke

mechanism question

Hi guys,

I have a mechanism that won't behave any more. I have to replace a weldment
with two single plates, and when I now move the mechanism it starts to float
around. There is another mechanism that I haven't touched and it starts
floating around too. What could be the matter. Is there some way to
investigate what's going on?


mechanism question

Is this the old CONTROL D fix? Control D resets the view planes somehow
so that mechanism move instead of the view... worth a try...


Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV, Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI., 48326