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Mixed Reality Requirments

Level 7

Mixed Reality Requirments

Hi everyone,


I would like to know if it's possible to create mixed reality experiences using Vuforia Studio or if it is necessary to complement it with any other software.





Re: Mixed Reality Requirments

Hi @lvargas ,

I do not think that it could be to answer this general question in few words but will try here...

I think the answer is yes – but it depends about the requirement of your mixed environment application

The Vuforia Studio is a tool for Augmented realty - to use here the correct PTC term.  Here some info about what this means

But ... the term "mixed realty" is another term (especially used by Microsoft ) which should have nearly the same meaning .


I want to mention here shortly   some  points what  could be relevant for your question:

- So far Studio allows the customer to create a mixed environment application because- you will be able to see the environment in you device and to display and to interact with some 3d objects or 2d widget /forms for inputting and displaying of data. You will be able to attach all this 3d (models) and 2d UI elements to specific location on the environment and by moving the your device the correct position will be maintained  

Important   question is about the references where you could specify in Vuforia Studio the location of your 3d model and 2d elements:

- possible is to scan a thing mark (means a mark which is printed and located to a particular position


-possible to scan a picture (instead of thing mark) – it will use a saved picture as position reference

-possible to recognize a model silhouette (which is saved with the project


-possible to use simple spatial target - (some think like plane detection in ARCore(android) and ARKit(ios)


Another question is : for which device is intended to developer the application? Studio supports all devices on IOS supporting ARKIT, on Android supporting ARCore and the HoloLens and also so far remember one additional  2d Device (only for 2d augmenting)


The next question is about the 3d formats supported by studio: Studio supports mostly Creo related formats *.pvz . But studio provides a converter /optimizer which could read the most PTC not related CAD files. It is important to check where you will get your models and which file formats they have.


The vuforia studio you will allow you to display also data for values which a measured on real devices / via thingworx server


As last point we have the pay attention about the client server architecture of Studio. You need a client – this is you device where the Vuforia View application is running. This is the platform where the studio project (javascript in angular.js environment + graphic libraries ) is loaded and running. You need also an Server – the   experience service which is used to download the experiences which detected by scanning of the environment (as mention above via thingmarks, image marks or recognizing of model silhouette)


So means that the application is not working standalone on you device but require internet connection to the experience service where it could checks the references and download the project data


To get better overview for all points I sorty mentioned above I want to recommend to you to visit the Vuforia by PTC on YouTube