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Automatic layers for Inheritance?


Automatic layers for Inheritance?

Hi Folks
Is there a layer definition that will create a layer for
Inheritance geometry. The definition:
def_layer layer_copy_geom_feat
does not recognize Inheritance geometry even though it is basically a
copy geometry. Is there a work-around?
WF2 M150

Gerald Lanz
Teledyne Brown Engineering
Huntsville, AL

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automatic layers

Hi all,

I am using start parts / assy's that were created decades ago. They have
always automatically put new features onto their respective layers (i.e.
curves, surfs, dtms, solids, threads.)

Now that I am on Creo2.0, this functionality does not work. I don't really
need to know why, but I am curious if something changed at PTC or was it in
my world...

What I really need to know is how to train my start parts / assy's to do
that. I likely have NEVER done it - as the templates I am using (still)
were likely created by someone years before I started using them... They
are really old.

Is this "rule" functionality in the layers? So much "attention" and sales
pitch from PTC has been devoted to "ease of use" that I am amazed that the
same old unintuitive dialog exists. Hasn't anyone told them that the layer
properties dialog does not make sense? (look for, look by, look

Sorry for whining. I know - if it were easy everyone would be doing it.
And we wouldn't have gotten to know each other.



automatic layers

It's likely that these layers were driven by def_layer statements in the config file. If those are missing, the automatic layers quit working. I'm not a fan of the def_layer statements for that reason.

I've done a lot of research into layers (probably too much), and I've attached my PPT on them that may help you. I'd direct you to Glenn Beer's layers presentation from PTC User back in 2007 on MCAD Central here as well:

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Summary - already. automatic layers

Hi all,

Once again, I am amazed at the effectiveness of this forum. Thanks to all
who replied with detailed and accurate help.

I am reminded that my layers were driven by def_layer config options and
that when moving to Creo, I decided to start with a bare, default config and
build as I go. Well, here I go.

BUT! - I am hearing loud and clear that the way to go is via Rules. That
is, "Rules rule."

So, I guess I need to stop whining and jump in.

Glen Beer - 2007 Tampa - I was there. I presented. And, I attended Glen's
presentation. (shame on me for not following through) In fact, I had dinner
one night with Glen and Brent Drysdale. Ahh, the memories. I still don't
understand "isolate." Too busy? Too lazy? Too obtuse?

Ok - confession's over.

I also got an overview of Rules from Mark Ganzer's presentation from 2009 in
Orlando. Didn't make that one. (thanks Mark!)

And a primer on def_layer usage with an exhaustive list of layer types from
Janet Grove. (thanks Janet!)

Several other replies came with thoughts and advice - most of which
recommended using rules.

I'm off to create some rules in my start assembly. And I am not afraid.

Thanks again... ¡Mil veces!


Summary - already. automatic layers

Regarding Isolate - Take a look at the PDF I sent. I think I did a good job of explaining it. 😄

Think of it this way - isolate is like saying "show me what's on this layer regardless of its status on other layers." There are other things in play (such as hiding a feature in the tree trumps all else and the "visibility rule"), but that's the gist.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer