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BMX/MDX assemblies and drawings


BMX/MDX assemblies and drawings


We're in the process of developing some internal training and best
practices in regards to using BMX and MDX. I'd like some input from others
as to how you are dealing with the design assembly models in the following

Analysis models:
Historically, we have created our design assembly models with traditional
constraints and used these to feed the drawings. If any analysis was
needed a copy of the assembly was made and was basically a single use
disposable item. How are you dealing with this situation with MDO/MDX and
BMX? We have two lines of thought here and the question we're trying to
explore is whether to use the models with these new features in our
drawings or continue with the older practice.

Drawings: Are you using the same models in the drawings which contain the
Mechanism and Behavioral features? If so, how are you
controlling/enforcing Initial Conditions? If not, how are you handling the
configuration management of the extra model?

At this stage we are open to all suggestions as we have not rolled out any
recommendations yet. I look forward to your comments.


Jeff Montgomery
Mech. Design Automation
Raytheon Co.
Phone - 972.344.6135
Pager - 972.558.5288
Fax - 972.344.1821

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