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FlexLM lmgrd issue


FlexLM lmgrd issue

FlexLM Experts,

We're having an intermittent issue with the PTC FlexLM services on one of our license triads (3 servers configuration). We do NOT use FlexNET which is a different setup.

The debug log files on 2 of the 3 servers have 1000's of warning messages as shown below.

"<timestamp> (lmgrd) Warning: Maximum connections to the server has reached. Please disconnect some clients from the server"

This is resulting in either the lmgrd.exe or the ptc_d.exe process crashing/stopping, and the license service stops. Without at least 2 of the 3 legs of the license triad running, no licenses are served.


Is anyone aware of how the "connections" listed in the warning message can be monitored and/or cleared?


Investigating the warning message online points to a failure with too many open file descriptors. (


Some background:
All three servers are the same: Windows 2016 (VM), FlexLM, ptc_d.exe, same subnet, static IP's, etc.
We use the servers fully qualified domain name in the license file (no aliases or short names).
The servers are all in the same data center on a minimum 1G network line.
We have multiple FlexLM services (single and triad) on all three servers, and no other services have the issue.
Setting the environment variable LM_SERVER_HIGHEST_FD to 1024 on all servers just causes the crash to occur sooner than later (variable has been removed).
The Event Viewer shows no information regarding the lmgrd.exe or ptc_d.exe processes.
The Event Viewer shows no other issues occurring at the same time of the FlexLM issue; no virus scanning, no patching, no backups, etc.
We don't have more than 50 concurrent PTC users accessing the PTC licenses at a single time. We have another PTC license triad for another business area with more users, and the issue does not occur on that triad. The last time the issue occurred was over the weekend with only a handful of users (<10) accessing the PTC licenses.
If the following statement is true, we should not be seeing the warning message:
"With Windows Sockets 2 all socket 'file descriptors' are actually Windows handles and last two bits of the Windows handle are always 00. So the fd's returned by accept are in multiples of 4 on Windows. Hence for simultaneous 1000 client connections, 4096 (> 4000) is the defined limit."

Creo Parametric for all users.




Dan N.

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