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Follow up to Difference in CL Data output


Follow up to Difference in CL Data output

Hello again everyone,

I sent out an email a couple weeks ago regarding changes from builds of WF and from WF to WF2.

I received a response today on this.

This specific difference we noticed was regarding a surface sequence using cutlines. I have been told by PTC that between WF bld 200 and 230 an enhancement was made to the meshing functionality from Mechanica. This is used in cutlines of surfacing. Because of this change, the sequence now starts in another location, still a 'good' toolpath thougth.

My concern with this is that even though it starts in another place and outputs a good sequence, it did not take into account where the tool was prior or where it will go after. There is potential for problems.

In addition, we are seeing minor differences in for example turning sequences, .0001 to .001ish. This is due supposedly to other enhancements to the software.

I have been told to use mfg_cl_archive (hidden config) to lock down the program. This config will 'freeze' the output until you update the output with any changes. My concern here is it is currently a hidden config, possibly not supported. I need to check into this more.

Does anyone else see this as a concern with the output being different?? Just curious on your thoughts.

Thank you,

Jeff Voegele
Solar Turbines Incorporated
Principal Manufacturing Engineer
Tel: 619 544-2820

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