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Hole redefinition


Hole redefinition

Good morning.
I have, once again, just redefined a hole. In this case, I changed a tapped
through hole to a counterbored tapped through hole and changed its primary
And, once again, Pro/E removed the dimensions I had previously entered in
the secondary references box and assigned apparently random values. I wanted
to use the same secondary references and dimensions. Good thing I could
remember what they were.
On this occasion, I spotted that the hole had moved, but I can imagine a
case when the hole moves only a small distance, not enough to be obvious,
but enough to change a part from correct to no good.
Is there a config option I can change to improve this strange behaviour? Or
do you have a technique that avoids random placement of holes?

In a similar vein, is there a config option that makes it automatically go
to secondary ref collector once I have selected a valid primary ref?

WF2, m220


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Can't you edit references rather than redefining the hole?
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