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Intermittent crashes when opening manufacturing files.


Intermittent crashes when opening manufacturing files.

We are experiencing an odd issue where Pro/E will crash when opening
manufacturing files. This seems to happen intermittently, but
relatively frequently. Here are the steps I have taken to try to
resolve the issue:

Swap network card

Open files on local machine instead of across a network

Swap memory

Update drive

Use certified video drivers

Update & Patch OS

Swap video cards

Defrag System

One thing that is odd is that one user on the machine can open the file
fine, but the next user can't. This would seem to eliminate any
hardware issues and would seem to point to an issue with the user
profiles. Does Pro/E make use of the user profile for anything that
would possibly cause this issue?

Thank you,

Michael Wolf

Wildfire 1 M260 on XP SP2

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I have narrowed my issue down to the following (original post is at the
bottom of this email):

A manufacturing file is created for a particular part. After MFG file
is created, the part is then modified. When attempting to open the MFG
Assembly on any Wildfire1 M260 system it will cause the system to crash
(this does not happen with every modified part, but will crash every
time the part is opened if the issue exists). Everything opens fine on
build M210 and once the assembly is regenerated and saved it can be
opened on the M260 build again. This seems to be some sort of bug in
the M260 build and the regeneration of the MFG assembly.

Thanks to all that replied regarding this issue.

The following is a list of the responses I received and tried from other