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Large Assembly drawings and Search paths. (long).


Large Assembly drawings and Search paths. (long).

Good Day

Two weeks ago we moved to Wildfire 2.0 from Pro/E 2001. We now have
discovered a major issue with Large assembly drawings and search paths.

Problem Description

Large General Arrangement drawings that open in 3-4 minutes in 2001 now take
40+ minutes in Wildfire 2.0 and in many cases the system will crash out
before it can open the drawing.

Background Information

We use search paths for all reference models (files they are not changing)
that an engineer needs to see. The folders contain an entire industrial
truck. In this case the folder contains 5138 files which take up 1.54 gig
on the harddrive. Note: We know that to open this type of truck takes 4+gig
of ram and a 64 bit operating system (We never open a top level vehicle
assembly master rep, we always work in simp reps).

Observations of xtop behavior when opening drawing all view.

It appears that the drawing is opening each sub assembly master rep and then
applies the simp rep to that sub assembly and then goes onto the next sub
assembly that is one level below the top level assembly. This is
speculation on my part. I can watch the xtop ram used climb to 300m then
drop to 200m then climb to 500m (first sub asms are small) then climb to 1.9
gig and drop back to 750m climb again etc. If it lives (there are a lot
more valleys and peaks then what I have described) it ends up at about 800
meg to open the drawing. Note at the end of the drawing opening an engineer
can do an erase not displayed and erase a gig plus of unused models.

Current work around

If the engineer opens the simp reps that are used on the drawing first in
assembly mode (thus all models are in ram) the xtop never goes over 800 meg
and then the drawing can be opened without issue, total elapsed time
(opening simp reps first and then drawing takes 5-6 minutes).

Note: if I backup the drawing once it is opened using this method and put
the files in a search path I then can open the drawing in 3-4 minutes just
like 2001. The small search path folder then only contains 631 files since
I did a backup of the open GA. The open drawing never goes above 800 meg
(it can't since the full set of models are not there to open a functional
group master rep first).

We have eliminated the network from the discussion (besides the fact that
the simp rep all open quickly) by making the large search path folder on the
machines local harddrive. Even with the files local the speed is still
horrible to open the drawing.

ADMIN info

IBM MPROs 2.8 ghz to 3.7 ghz, 2 gig of ram to 3 gig with the boot.ini edited
to allow Pro/E to access 2.5 gig of ram for xtop.exe

NVidia, ATI and Wildcat cad graphics cards (I can get the video card model
names but I do not believe they are a part of this)

Windows XP with Service pack 2 at a minimum installed

Location 1 network 100 meg network to file server for search path files

Location 2 same

Location 3 3 gig backbone in server room with 100 meg out to workstation.

Database tool is Pro/PDM (Pro/PDM is not linked during any of this).

Nt_cache_dirs is set to yes in the

We currently have a call open with PTC but have received no feedback on
ideas on what the issue might be nor any ideas to test.


Is anyone else seeing this behavior in large drawings in Intralink, PDM link
or with search paths?

What settings do you use to improve search path performance.

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