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ModelCHECK ASM Scope Results Table - SUMMARY


ModelCHECK ASM Scope Results Table - SUMMARY

I initially thought of that as the solution as well but I had a problem.
If I persist the results data in the appData then how would I know the
appropriate time to release the memory? I have found that ModelCHECK is
not very intuitive. Each time my check function was called the results
were given and stored in an HTML report for each object. The results at
the top-level do not contain the results for all sub components. I had to
either navigate to each component or go to the my check and see all of the
models that failed. I then had to navigate to each component that failed
my check. I was not expecting this behavior so I think this is a learning
experience for me.

Patrick Williams
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Raytheon Company

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