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Not Renewing Maintenance


Not Renewing Maintenance

Hi everyone - we're going thru the joys of renewing maintenance. Mgt is trying to get a better feel for the value of a maintenance contract and would like to know what opinions/experience others have had when NOT renewing.

We have a medium size installation - 30 seats w/about 60 users. WF3 & IL3.4... Windchill is only appealing when WF5 becomes unavoidable.

Did you miss tech support? Did your system blow up? Was it difficult dealing w/PTC?

Discretion will be maintained and I'll post relevant replies.

Thanks and happy Friday.


Terrence (Terry) McFall
CAD Systems Administrator

Varian Medical Systems
911 Hansen Way
Palo Alto, CA 94304
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WF4 was not much of an improvement from WF3 with the exception of various bug fixes. However, WF5 has some significant improvements that would be worth checking out. There also were a lot of improvements in Mechanica in WF5 if you guys use Mechanica. I use the knowledge base a lot to look up issues, but I do know of guys that have never even logged in. With 30 seats maintenance has to be high. Perhaps you can negotiate with PTC more given the size of your maintenance contract.

Good luck,


I may be wrong but as far as I know, if you stop paying maintenance for lets
say 6 years, then you are in dire need of going to whatever latest version
out, PTC does not let you do that until you've caught up on your maintenance
for those 6 years.

That being said I betcha it can be negotiable.

Maybe someone has some first hand experience with this?

Have a great weekend.

Joe S.

i believe their policy is to only make you pay up to 9 months in back

Laura Woodward

Saab Training, LLC

Orlando, FL

(407) 281-3012

Apparently, CATIA is worse, you have to pay the back maintenance plus

Ian Turner

CAD Manager

Cobham Mission Equipment