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Pro/E Hourglass -- Not responding


Pro/E Hourglass -- Not responding

Over the last 2 to 3 weeks we have had a chronic dilemma of pro/E
hanging. The hourglass comes on, and thats it, taskmanager says its
not responding, and it never comes back. With about 20 users, perhaps 5
to 10 will all hang at some time with a short time window. It happens
most frequently when you're not doing anything in pro. Lets say you
regen your model, it finishes, and Pro is just sitting there. You grab
a couple papers and staple them together, look at pro again, and there
is the hourglass. You're done. Or you finish a feature, check an
email, come back to pro and its hourglassing, never to come out of it.
CPU is at 0% or very low use. Pro is not doing anything. I have
stopped and restarted the license server. Did not seem to help.
It seems to occur at roughly the same time every day, about a 45 minute
Starting about 3 weeks ago we have been forced to have windows take all
updates as soon as they are available.
Starting about 6 weeks ago corporate has been running some type of
auditing software that checks everyone machines for security issues.
There have been a lot of updates to our AV software (Mcaffee) since the
april 1 virus was all over the news.
Right now I'm pretty suspicous of the windows and AV updates. More so
the windows updates. Up until this forced policy, we would only
install the updates if they were critical, or had been out for a long
enough time to be deemed as stable.

Just wondering if others are installing all the updates and stuff, and
if they ever have seen issues like this.

We've been using Wildfire3 m170. XP Pro 32 bit.

Mark Steffke

I believe it is the auditing software. It looks for open ports and Pro/E
has a port it uses for one of the collaboration packages I think.
When the audit software pings the port, Pro/E starts a handshake that is
never answered. This locks it up for 15 minutes to a half hour.

Sorry I can't be more specific. I had this issue here and found a TPI or
TAN dealing with it that gave the port number but it has been over a
since we dealt with it. I had our IS group alter the scans to omit the
port and the issue went away.

Kory Krofft
CAD Administrator
Trimble Navigation Ltd.
5475 Kellenburger Rd.
Dayton, Oh 45424
Ph. 937.245.5356

Agreed, usually the Windows Updates stuff doesn't hurt anything, usually these types of performance issues are due to some type of "scanning" software - in your case the auditing and/or antivirus.

Don't know exactly which port(s) you need to disable from auditing but if you search for "port" in the Knowledge Base you'll get quite a few hits.

Also, it's always a good idea to exclude ALL PTC directories from antivirus scanning if possible - this goes for any Pro/E, Intralink, or Windchill "stuff".

Best regards,

Kevin Alexander

Senior Application Engineer - TriStar, Inc.
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