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Quality of STL-files


Quality of STL-files

Hi group.

Is there a way to set default values for the export of STL-files? I did not
find a config-option. We have a 3rd party-toolkit application which
automatically draws stl-files from proe. It seems to use the default entries
for the stl. Unfortunately the entries are different with every part which
causes ugly stl-files.

TIA, Rainer


Rainer Harter

Systemadministration / IT-Sicherheit

Fraunhofer-Institut Physikalische Messtechnik IPM

Heidenhofstr.8, 79110 Freiburg, Germany

E-mail: <">>

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21-Topaz II

I have always entered a chord height of zero, which Pro|E will not
allow, but it will then put in the minimum value allowed. This is
different for every model, but produces the best STL possible.

There are two caveats, however. Sometimes, the minimum value will fail.
I then increment the value slightly and try again. Sometimes, the
minimum that will process produces ridiculously large STL files. Again,
I bump the value until I get a good compromise between file size and STL
quality, based on the on screen appearance. By using the 'Apply' button
you can create the file and leave the dialog open in case you have to
change the values and try again. 'Apply' and 'OK' both create the file
on disk, so once you've go the settings you like using the 'Apply'
button, you can use the 'Cancel' button so you don't have to wait for it
to process.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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