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RES: Remote Desktop Connection


RES: Remote Desktop Connection


Did you tried to use conference center that PTC supply.

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I avoid running Pro/E from a Remote Desktop connection, it just takes too long.
Once in a while I will watch another user operating their computer over remote desktop. The appearance is bad, but I can usually see what they are doing enough to help out.


I've used GoToMeetings to support a Pro/E user 2000 miles away on our corporate WAN and found it very responsive. Considering conducting a remote training session using it because it worked so well.

I'm also looking for a solution for running Pro/E (and other software) through a VPN connection from home. So far:

Windows Remote Desktop Connection: Unusable. I agree - "Experience" settings don't make a difference. You can add the win32_gdi option to make it somewhat usable, but I don't have that kind of control in other software I'm trying to run. RDC doesn't let you access the video card property sheet to disable hardware acceleration on the "server".

VNC (all flavors): Can't show OpenGL or D3D graphics (overlays). Need to disable hardware graphics acceleration in Windows (Right click on desktop, Properties Advanced, Troubleshoot, set Hardware Acceleration to None). Parts of screen don't refresh, so you have to frequently manually refresh.

UltraVNC: Special mention because this VNC flavor has one unique twist. It has an add-on "mirror" driver that solves most (but not all) of the refresh issues. I am currently using this method with acceptable performance. Before starting Pro/E, I disable the hardware accelration, and switch to 16-bit color. I have had a few system lockups which required a cold boot.

Any other free solutions?

Anyone tried GoToMyPC? My experience with GoToMeetings makes it look promising, but I'm not sure I'd use it enough to justify an additional subscription.

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