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SUMMARY Survey: ProE Launch Times


SUMMARY Survey: ProE Launch Times

It looks like for most people it takes less than 1 minute

Summary of Responses

Running from local install, no Intralink, etc.

Restart = 15 seconds. Cold start probably about 30-45 seconds.

Sometimes PTC web page is slow.

XP Pro, WF2-M220, Dell P-370 3.4 GHz w/2 Gb, FX-3400 w/256.

Check your paths, maybe you have a bad one and the wait is due to

Be careful of spaces, put those paths in quotes.

Maybe you have a huge or config.sup? One other thing to check
is your firewall settings. These are probably the most critical to a
fast startup


Whatever results you get from other people, the times you list seem
excessive. We have a network install and our startup time is still
somewhere under a minute.

The startup at my location is around 20 seconds. - We have a network
install and have gigabit Ethernet connections. I think we used to be
around 45 seconds using 100 connections. My parent company is running
the same configuration but with 100 bit connections and have a startup
time around 45 seconds or so.

I seem to remember that adding 'disable_search_path_check yes' to my helped some. But where that option helped the most was
creating new files. It took about 50 seconds to create a new part. (We
have one huge directory with something like 70,000 files and our release
process will not let use duplicate files. So we felt we could do this.)

You might trying running a session barebones (without any config files)
and see if you gain any start time. This might lead you too some config
option that is causing your slow startup. If you are running a
barebones startup doesn't help it might be your connection to your
license server. You could ping your server and see what kind of
response you have.

Mine is around a max of 1ms to my local license server and a max of 52ms
to my remote license server.

In my opinion you should have a startup time of under a minute
regardless of what configuration you have.


We have network installs and launch time is variable too. For example
the PCs in our training room are faster to launch than many PCs
elsewhere in the office. We also have a mix of PCs in use right now.
However, I don't believe we have any systems that are more than 50%
slower than the fastest systems. All our times are under 2 minutes for
sure. We're on WF2 M190.

We see roughly 45 seconds for most users. This is running Pro from a
network server. Startup time is the same repeatedly. Apparently the
benefit you see from disk caching on a local machine is lost on a
network load.
XP Pro
WF2 M210 or WF3 M020
100 Mb connection

Dell Precision 380 3.4GHz 2 GB Ram
40 seconds (network)

Dell D480 Laptops
10 minutes (network)
3 minutes (local)
We install Pro/E on a server and launch by using a shortcut from the
client to the server. Average launch time 45 sec

Pro/E WF2 (m170) network install - 50 seconds

Pro/E WF2 (m170) network install - from a Pro/I 3.3 (m022) Workspace -
40 seconds

Virus checking can make a big difference in launch time, especially the
first time ProE is launched the first time after login. I would start
by checking to make sure everyone is using the same virus settings to
see if that explains the delta.


WF2, Dell 470 3,2 GHz, 3 GB RAM, Local Install, Network License, 100 Mb

First Launch after reboot - 35 s
Second Launch - 20 s

And I do have a pretty large that is loading at startup...


Our install is local on aech WS, with a networked license server, and
startup time is ~11 seconds when not hooked into intralink.
My machine is fairly new with AMDfx57, with 4GB ram. I know not all
that ram is usable now, but its XP64 ready.
What kind of CPU speed do you have?
It may have a lot to do with what your default working directory is and
how much data is in there. My pro comes up in 4 seconds, then it takes
about 7 seconds to load the file browser window so I can begin working.