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Sharing Pro/ENGINEER over MS Livemeeting


Sharing Pro/ENGINEER over MS Livemeeting

Has anyone had any success sharing Pro/ENGINEER over MS Livemeeting? I have found that the OpenGL portion of the Pro/ENGINEER screen does not update very well at all. Is there a setting that needs to be changed? Thanks in advance.

Patrick Williams | Sr. Application Engineer | Engineering Systems | Steelcase Inc. | 616.698.4078

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My notes from a Live Meeting test a while back:

When using ProE
...sharing desktop better than sharing only ProE (cursor off ProE resets model view)
...set ProE model background to solid color (View, Display Settings, uncheck "Blended Background")
...turn off pre-highlighting feature (Edit, Select, Preferences, uncheck "Preselection highlighting")

In, set "graphics win32_gdi". This uses the windows default
graphics instead of opengl so the display will
not be as crisp but it works much better than open gl for netmeeting

Kory Krofft
Applications Engineer
Trimble Navigation Ltd.
5475 Kellenburger Rd.
Dayton, Oh 45424
Ph. 937.245.5356

If you use this config line, it basically turns off your graphics card
and OpenGL. It helps with web sharing of pro/e. I keep it in my config
and just keep a ! before it (commented out) then when I need it, delete
the ! and save the config. Keep in mind you need to make this change
before starting Pro. Also, you need to remove it (or comment it out -
!graphics win32_gdi) when you are done. I haven't use it using MS live
meeting, but I suspect it will help.

graphics win32_gdi


If possible, try GoToMeeting - it has FAR better graphical performance than MS LiveMeeting. From what I have been told the reason for this is it only resends pixels that have actually changed, whereas MS LiveMeeting constantly resends the entire display. Whether that is actually what happens or not, you can tell a marked difference when rotating, panning, zooming, etc with GoToMeeting.

Best regards,

Kevin Alexander

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Try changing the option from "Graphics = OpenGL" to "Graphics
= win32_gdi"

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