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Sloooow Pro/E Launch


Sloooow Pro/E Launch

Every oncein a while we have multiple users all complaining that Pro/E won't open. Xtop.exe is running in task manager and a license has be locked to the user but there is not graphic interface (no indication that Pro/E is open). After about 10 to 15 minutes (highly variable) Pro/E will finally open.
The last two times I tried to troubleshoot this problem I encountered an interesting coincidence. When I tried to access to submit a call or search the knowledge base the PTC site was extremely slow (I had this problem again this morning). Other web sites work fine.
Is there any behind the scenes connection between the Pro/E application and I have changed the embedded web browser’s start page to our company Intranet. Am I missing something?
Has anyone else had this excruciatingly slow launch from Pro/E? Have you identified the cause?

Gordon Walker
Pro/E Administrator
Cell: (804) 615-4877


23-Emerald II

We seem to have a slow launch, about a minute (no where near as bad as yours). Our admin says it's because they moved the intralink and license server to another facility, still within our network, but a different physical building across town. I did the same thing, I changed my embedded web browser to about:none to help. It didn't.

Hope you get good answers and please share them with the rest of us.


By default, Pro-e will link to in the integrated web browser, and it typically is the cause of this fluctuation and directly related to the slow processing of the website you encountered. Sometimes are faster than others. To avoid this, set the config option:

i.e. web_browser_homepage c:\users\dmrobers

to your start in directly or your company home page if you prefer to eliminate this bottleneck. FYI, you may want to save that ptc site to favorites first though because it does have a lot of handy information and tutorials AND is hard to find once you have deleted the link.

Good luck,

David M. Robers
Vice-president of Sales

Diversified Design Dynamics
6039 Schumacher Park Drive
West Chester, OH 45069

Better yet, set the option web_browser_homepage = about:blank - this will prevent Pro/E from starting with any link.


Pro/E is indeed communicating with PTC during startup, even if you have
the embedded browser pointing to a local web page. They are checking
for updates to the "Connections" tab.

Here is an entry I have in my with related comments. You
might want to add this to yours and see if it corrects your problem.

!web_enable_subscription allows Pro/E to go out to the "Connections"

! favorites to determine if any have been updated. If so, it displays

! in BOLD font. The connections favorites are rarely, if ever, used.

! So, don't waste time checking them. This happens during Pro/E startup

! and can really slow startup if there are any delays or slowdowns

! in web performance.

web_enable_subscription no


Ron Thellen
CAD Administrator
Engineering & Manufacturing Applications
Government Communications Systems Division
Harris Corporation

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