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Specialized's for a network install of Pro\Engineer


Specialized's for a network install of Pro\Engineer

Hello Guru's! (Help!)

We are going to be moving to a network install of Pro\Engineer, instead
of the client installs on each workstation that we are currently using.
I have a situation I could use some guidance on.

We currently have three locations, which use five different loadpoint's and three different config.sup files. This is currently
handled with batch files.

The general users at each of our three facilities have a general batch
file which runs when they launch Pro\E and/or Intralink that loads the
general and config.sup files for that facility into their
loadpoint\text folders.

If the user is a member of Packaging, their batch file loads the
packaging, if they are Industrial Design, they get the ID

Since we are going to move to a network install, how do we handle this?
Do I have to install Pro\E three times for each facility? How do our
packaging and Industrial Design folks get their unique loadpoint\text
config files?

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