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Streamlined License Borrowing Proceedure


Streamlined License Borrowing Proceedure


We've been looking at License Borrowing, and it's not an easy thing to do. There are several configuration steps involved, and the people borrowing the licenses will be sales-type people. I'm not sure they can do it. Has anyone been able to streamline the process ?

From the PTC instructions we have to:

Find and run ptcsetup.bat.
Not something I want the average user to do.
It modifies several files in the bin directory.
Work their way through ptcsetup.
There are several screens, with several options.
Configure the "Select Licenses" window.
Slightly confusing for me, and I'm an admin (no jokes !).
Press OK and/or Finish to complete the ptcsetup tool.
Not so easy for sale people.
Find and run proe_borrow.bat.
More Windows explorer hunting and pecking.
Selecting the correct license from a window.
This requires you have only 1 .psf file in /bin.
Specify the number of days to have the license.
Click on Start, which will launch ProE.
Select #Tools, #Floating Modules, if more need to be checked out.
Exit Proe, and unplug from the network.

They must also remember to checkout their models from Intralink,
and then export them to disk.

That's a little more then I'd like. Can it be shortened ?

Dan Lancaster
Solar Turbines Inc

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